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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/1/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

A #racist sees everyone as lower creatures. An #Antisemite sees #Jews as having a superpower, like superior beings from another planet, whose aim is to destroy humanity.
If Jews are in power, then they should be beaten and their authority should be protested against.
Hence #Antisemitism is a form of protest, and the #left are on board with it!

The laws of Sodom: every person is satisfied with what is his. It is forbidden to covet another’s property or compare yourself to others. It is forbidden to receive help or to help others. All that one has received from above is correct and cannot be meddled in.
Compare that to our world… yet God burned them…

“I created the darkness, and you should come and learn how to approach Me—and then you will reveal.” The deeper the darkness seems to be, the brighter the light. All our perception of light, love and bestowal, comes from darkness, from the egoistic quality of receiving, filling up.

The Creator hears only the prayer for “raising the Shechinah (the connection between us) from the dust.” To turn our egoistic connections into altruistic. When our connections reach the correct form (Adam), complete deliverance from egoism will occur, Gmar Tikkun and Dvekut….the complete adhesion with the Creator.

Sodom’s law: “Mine is mine, yours is yours.” If only things were this way today! No one harms another. Everyone lives in peace with what is his. It seems like a wonderful state, but the Torah calls this way of life “Sodom,” although in principle it is much fairer than our life.

After the elections, many Americans stopped speaking to some of their friends or relatives due to differences in political opinion. Social networks, instead of bringing people closer, push them toward a split.
Since egoism grows swiftly, if we don’t fight it, any society will quickly reach a civil war!

Faith above knowledge is when you annul yourself before the Creator, you accept everything as coming only from Him. And you care not of your own thoughts and feelings, but of His, whatever is good for Him and not for me.
This begins the work for the sake of the Creator (al Minat Leashpia).

The Embryo is the beginning of formation of the qualities of bestowal in man (for the sake of the Creator, Kelim de Hashpaa) in the original qualities of reception (for oneself, Kelim de Kabbalah) being able to act for the sake of the Creator (thinking of the Creator brings out the strength in him).

As Egoism grows, people no longer need a long-term personal relationship to be happy. Loneliness is the choice of millions. The number of singles is rising. Marriage is replaced with cohabitation. The world of singles. Thus more contact with friends, relatives.
Being a singleton is economically beneficial.
From Twitter, 4/1/19

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Finding Good From The Opposite

laitman_963.6I want to strive for the good all the time, but this is precisely what awakens the evil inclination. The evil inclination is the most important tool for attaining spirituality. It is impossible to advance if you do not feel the resistance of your egoism each time. You will not know where to go and what to do; you do not understand what is bothering you.

Therefore, the Creator is proud to have created the evil inclination in us. This is the most certain indicator, the faithful servant of the Creator who brings us closer to Him by constantly showing us our oppositeness to His properties. Egoism demonstrates all sorts of qualities to us; it says: “Look, this is not the Creator!” From this, we understand what is: “Yes, this is the Creator.”

Why couldn’t all this be done with the help of the good inclination alone, which would draw us to the good? The fact is that the advantage of light is revealed from darkness. We cannot discern good against the background of good. How can one see the Creator against the background of good if he himself is absolute good, of the same quality? Only due to the fact that we find out that we strive for the opposite because of our pride, ambition, and egoism do we realize that this is the wrong way and that we have to go in the opposite direction, that is, in subjugation.1

If I address the Creator directly, personally, then even a request to take me out of my desire to enjoy’s grip will be egoistic. Whatever request might seem altruistic to me, if I make the request myself, it comes from my egoism. I just do not see it and deceive myself.

If I want to be sure that I am asking for it correctly, then I should contact the Creator only through the ten and ask to merge with it. As a result of my correct request, the upper light must come and glue me to the ten. Indeed, the Creator, whom I would like to approach, is in the ten.

I ask the reforming light to bring me closer to the ten, and by this I come closer to the Creator. The Creator is the power of bestowal, and by attaching to the ten, I also acquire some power of bestowal.2

The correct appeal to the Creator passes only through the group. If at least one word passes through the correct adapter, which is the group, then it is transmitted correctly.

If I myself appeal to the Creator, then what is so special about it? Who doesn’t appeal to Him? Even a thief prays to have a successful robbery and not be caught. Only a request that is sent through the Kabbalistic group is a genuine prayer.

In order to perceive the Creator, not abstractly, but in the form of HaVaYaH, with which I can establish contact, I have to address Him through the group. After all, the group is organized in the form of HaVaYaH, and even if it is hidden from me, I still join this matrix within which the Creator is present.

Start constantly striving to be included in the group, and you will see how it works.3

The desire to attain the opposite side of nature comes only from the reforming light. Currently, my nature is the desire to enjoy within which I want to get all sorts of fillings—to become great, strong, and famous—I want, I want, I want… I am ready to work, to make efforts to get fulfilled with food, sex, family, wealth, honor, and knowledge—all the pleasures of this world.

However, suddenly a blow comes, a great disappointment from a failure to receive fulfillment, one so harsh that life seems worse than death. I lose all hope of achieving the desire. I wanted to be great and famous, but, conversely, I feel I am smaller than everyone, a complete loser, a zero. Life just smashes me into a wall.

Here, I begin to feel that all this was arranged for me from above, by the Creator. Suddenly there is a reason, a source of my suffering that says: “Let’s get to know each other! It is me who does this to you.” Then I suddenly realize how great it is that the Creator exists. Now I can justify my life, my failures and my troubles. I feel good because I can relate everything to the Creator.

From this point on, I associate all good and bad events to one source. I am still not familiar with Him, but I already know that there is a source, the original cause from which everything originates. My life then becomes sweetened, for He is the first and the last, and I am in the middle. So, I establish a connection with the Creator, referring everything that happens to Him, both good and bad, all my thoughts and desires.

I suddenly begin to care about Him. I want to make Him happy. I begin to think in advance about how to arrange the thoughts and desires He sent so that when they return to Him they would give Him pleasure. This is already work on the connection with the Creator, and as a result I understand that for real contact with the Creator and surrender to Him, I have to turn to Him only through the ten.

My desires and thoughts directed to the Creator have to be transformed after passing through the ten in order to receive clothing and the correct form. I can then be sure that they will reach the Creator. I still do not really feel the ten, but I already understand that to the same extent, I do not feel the Creator. I received the right device for communicating with Him, which is always on and available to me. One just needs to learn how to use it. So begins my serious and consistent work in the ten.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/19, Writings of Rabash, Vol. 2, Article 11 “What Does the Rule “What It Means that the Good Inclination and the Evil Inclination Guard a Person in the Work”
1 Minute 30:30
2 Minute 37:07
3 Minute 54:00
4 Minute 56:30

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Big Soul – Big Efforts

laitman_571.08Baal HaSulam, “Letter 11”: I will also ask that you make great efforts in love of friends, to devise tactics that can increase the love among the friends and revoke the lust for bodily matters from among you, as this is what casts hate, and between those who give contentment to their Maker there shall be no hatred. Rather, there are much compassion and love between them.

We are participating in the correction of a broken vessel, a desire that once split into many broken parts. Now we have to connect them together, and as we join them, we begin to increasingly feel the Creator.

Each of us represents a single egoistic desire. Connection with anyone requires us to be altruistic, giving, yielding, possessing a quality of bestowal at least in some way. Such connection is called “love” because to do so I must  feel the desires of another and fulfill them, and that person should also relate to my needs and mutually fill them. Our desires are clearly directed toward the Creator. Therefore, I understand my friends’ aspirations, as does each of us.

The more we unite, the more the Creator will be revealed between us. Therefore, we have to constantly think about how to rise above ourselves so that the connection between us will be more important than a person’s connection with himself.

This is possible. We just need to think about the mutual connection, to read more. This is how the surrounding light’s influence grows on us, and I begin to understand that this has become very important to me.

Sometimes our efforts take months, even years. The higher a person’s soul (that is, his desire), the lower it fell after the breakage and became very coarse and heavy. A person with a bigger soul has a harder time connecting with others because in the broken state he is further away from correction. The heavier the soul, the worse it is in its uncorrected state, thus the better and higher than others it becomes when corrected.

Therefore, one can never despair. On the contrary, more effort should be applied. In general, the work in the ten, thinking of how to reach connection and reveal the Creator in it, all these thoughts and efforts attract the light and the light corrects us.

We have to apply as much effort as possible toward attempts to connect, toward thoughts on this topic, and then we will succeed. Especially now, when many of us are beginning to feel the need to connect and others feel the necessity of increasing the importance of the Creator in obtaining the desire to bestow, we approach a state where these actions become actual and real to us.

The extent to which a person is engaged in the group, even if, due to the heaviness of his soul, he is not easily influenced, he will still advance under the group’s influence. Therefore, we have to try to achieve full connection between us and the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 2/11/19

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Struggle With Myself

laitman_560Baal HaSulam, Shamati #70, “With a Mighty Hand and with Fury Poured Out”: …those who want to enter God’s work in order to truly cleave unto Him and enter the King’s Palace, not every one is admitted. Rather, one is tested—if he has no other desires but only a desire for Dvekut (adhesion), he is admitted.

And how is one tested if he has only one desire? One is given obstructions. This means that he is sent alien thoughts and alien messengers to obstruct him so he would leave this path and follow the path of the populace.

Baal HaSulam writes that everything in nature is attained in collision. Life is a struggle, not with someone or something, but rather with yourself. If a person understands this correctly, then everything is fine.

It all depends on how to attune to this to understand that two forces are governing in the world: reception and bestowal. The force of reception is our great egoism and the force of bestowal does not exist in us. We must develop it gradually. It is quite complicated.

In order to do so, we must somehow interact in the group, trying to come closer to each other. We do not want this. It is exactly at this point, when I feel that I do not want to, but I forcibly push myself to connect with the friends, that I must turn to the Creator and ask Him to give me an opportunity to want this. If I do not run away from the struggle, but I catch myself on this, I can then reach balance in the middle line.

Question: What are alien thoughts?

Answer: These are any thoughts that are not directed to adhesion with the Creator, to equivalence with Him, and to the quality of bestowal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/16/18

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New Life 186 – Jonah The Prophet

New Life 186 – Jonah The Prophet
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The story of Jonah describes the tendency of the Jewish people to evade its true and humanity that is at a dead end and needs a prophet who foresaw the future. Instead of teaching the people, Jonah goes to sleep just like the people of Israel today who are escaping their role to be a light unto the nations. The mission of the people of Israel is to reach the first connection through repentance and consideration for others. We are a special people and must save humanity with the power of mutual love.
From KabTV’s “New Life 186 – Jonah The Prophet,” 5/23/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 4/1/19

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Title “The Hizdakchut of the Masach to the Emanation of the Partzuf,” Item 34

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Lesson on the Topic “Building The Future Society”

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