First Unity, Then The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If there are stages in the development of the human ego, are there stages in the development of the group ego?

Answer: The movement is only forward. There is no other movement, not in nature and not with the person.

So don’t think about the ego and you don’t have to think about the group ego. It’s necessary to yearn only to advance towards group unity. Then in a natural way you will pass this group egoism. Very big problems will appear among you in unifying, in understanding, in general, in how to endure the friend who is next to me, and so forth.

But in any case, the yearning must only be forward. You don’t need to think about “how will we discover our ego as quickly as possible.” You should only think about positive discoveries, not the negative ones.

The fact is that all of Malchut is latent within us, the entire immense ego, the enormous intention for the sake of my beloved self. But we begin to yearn for unity and not in any way for anything else!

When I yearn for the right side all the time, then my ego grows on the left side in a different form parallel to it. And in a manner like this it follows that at the moment I rise to a particular level, immediately a negative intention “for my own sake” appears simultaneously. In the end, I include the negative component within the positive component and thus I create my Kli.

From the positive component I have a “screen(Masach), and from the negative I have an inner desire that I transform into positive, and in this way I grow all the time.

It’s said: “Everyone who is greater than his friend, his desire is greater.” Therefore my main foundation (1) must be yearning for unity that grows (Σ) all the time. And the ego, that is the intention for myself, will always be secondary (2), and it will not disappear; don’t be concerned about it.

You ask, “How in a group can we discover its entire ego?” You will discover the entire ego of the group when you reach the higher line, the completion of correction. But in spite of it all, you will advance towards this upper line only with the “middle line” in that you always yearn for the right first, only for unity. And the “left line” will inevitably appear in you.

First Unity Then Ego

From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Two 12/14/13, Lesson 2

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