Existence In Two Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe soul is the one and only vessel (Kli) in which we feel ourselves as a single whole. In the spiritual world nobody feels himself separately because we all feel the unity, feel the sum result of the connection.

In that we lose ourselves individually, each one of us finds himself specifically in total unity, and this is an indescribable feeling. There is no need to fear losing yourself, for we acquire an eternal and perfect existence here and not a miserable, egoistic, temporal, and wasted existence.

And besides this, from the eternal, glorious and infinite world, we see our cocoon and those people who still exist within it, as in a dream, like blind people trying to exploit everyone to their own detriment and not understanding it. Each one wants to pull the blanket over himself and thinks that with this he will get something good, but in the end all of his attempts only bring suffering.

So how is it possible to come out from this cocoon? We do so only by way of the group. In what way is it possible to begin to do something within it? For this a very interesting state is given to us, existence in bodies. Therefore our inner feeling can be both within the cocoon, in our egoistic body, and outside of the cocoon, outside of our body, in an altruistic state.

People who already exist with their feelings outside of the egoistic cocoon still can live physically in our world because our body has no connection to the spiritual world. This is simply some physiological entity, an imaginary component that is portrayed for us as existing, but essentially this entity is completely imaginary and doesn’t exist. Physicists have also already spoken about this, not just Kabbalists; science is gradually approaching this fact.

In other words, the Kabbalists can exist simultaneously in the upper world in a spiritual form and in the material world within the physical body, returning to the material image that appears in our world to leave their impressions for us, to teach their sensations, perceptions, and experience that they received by going out from our world to the upper world. They tell us how they worked in a group, united with it, learned the fundamentals of the states of the group and with its help gradually passed to the upper world.

We must use their advice, recommendations, and instructions to follow after them as after guides that show the way. So we also call them revolutionaries, pioneers, and we go after them. If not for them, we would not know how to organize in a group in a precise form in our world. But even if the group is organized in the right form, this is still not enough.

Besides this, we must be involved in learning about the upper world and about those laws of reciprocal cooperation of bestowal and absolute love that exist there with bestowal above reception with constant overcoming of our evil inclination. On the other hand, we also must be involved in external dissemination in order to bring all the rest of the parts of the one collective soul after us until we attain complete adherence, coming together, connection, until we attain a state like this that will be completely similar to the Creator in all characteristics.
From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Two 12/14/13, Lesson 4

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