“With A Mighty Hand And With Fury Poured Out”

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, article 70: “With a Mighty Hand and with Fury Poured Out”: We should know that of those who want to enter God’s work in order to truly cleave unto Him and enter the King’s Palace, not everyone is admitted. Rather, one is tested—if he has no other desires but only a desire for Dvekut (adhesion), he is admitted.
And how is one tested if he has only one desire? One is given obstructions. This means that he is sent alien thoughts and alien messengers to obstruct him so he would leave this path and follow the path of the populace.

And if one overcomes all the difficulties and breaks all the bars that block him, and little things cannot turn him off, then the Creator sends him great Klipot and chariots, to deflect one from admittance into adhesion with Him alone, and with nothing else. This is considered that the Creator is rejecting him with a mighty hand.

It takes a long time to finally realize that everything a person feels comes from the Creator and it is only meant to direct him to the goal. There isn’t an action, or an occurrence that does not direct a person towards the goal, which means to adhesion with the Creator. A person cannot change this in any way, since everything happens according to the Reshimot (spiritual genes). Only the intensity, the way the Reshimot are revealed is determined by how we fulfilled the previous Reshimot.

But everything is according to the plan in which a person has to discover a strong desire for adhesion, according to the spiritual desire, which means the fixed, intensive desire that is aimed at only one goal. “There is no slightly in spirituality,” but only the maximum, and a person should have such a strong desire.

So the Creator reveals His mighty hand by making a person face hardships and problems, by confusing a person in every possible way so that he will grow stronger by overcoming these obstacles. He has to examine his options and leave only one direction and intensify it so that it would be impossible to divert him from the right path. In order to do that the Creator sends increasingly tougher problems, like in the fable of the person who as he climbs the mountain to the King’s palace he encounters guards that are increasingly crueler along his way. All this is so that only one strong desire will be left in a person, a desire that is actually burning, yearning to burst out into the spiritual world, which means to attain the attribute of bestowal, self annulment, to break out.

It is like the birth process in which there are two active forces: the pushing force from inside and the force that blocks the exit. The tension between these two forces grows until it is strong enough for the doors to open and for the breakthrough to occur. Then the fetus can come out.

These two opposite forces, the force of the Creator and the force of the created being eventually reach sufficient tension for the breakthrough. As it says, “in the same place, at the same time, in the same woman” such concentration of tension is created that it leads to the application.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/13

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