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A #racist sees everyone as lower creatures. An #Antisemite sees #Jews as having a superpower, like superior beings from another planet, whose aim is to destroy humanity.
If Jews are in power, then they should be beaten and their authority should be protested against.
Hence #Antisemitism is a form of protest, and the #left are on board with it!

The laws of Sodom: every person is satisfied with what is his. It is forbidden to covet another’s property or compare yourself to others. It is forbidden to receive help or to help others. All that one has received from above is correct and cannot be meddled in.
Compare that to our world… yet God burned them…

“I created the darkness, and you should come and learn how to approach Me—and then you will reveal.” The deeper the darkness seems to be, the brighter the light. All our perception of light, love and bestowal, comes from darkness, from the egoistic quality of receiving, filling up.

The Creator hears only the prayer for “raising the Shechinah (the connection between us) from the dust.” To turn our egoistic connections into altruistic. When our connections reach the correct form (Adam), complete deliverance from egoism will occur, Gmar Tikkun and Dvekut….the complete adhesion with the Creator.

Sodom’s law: “Mine is mine, yours is yours.” If only things were this way today! No one harms another. Everyone lives in peace with what is his. It seems like a wonderful state, but the Torah calls this way of life “Sodom,” although in principle it is much fairer than our life.

After the elections, many Americans stopped speaking to some of their friends or relatives due to differences in political opinion. Social networks, instead of bringing people closer, push them toward a split.
Since egoism grows swiftly, if we don’t fight it, any society will quickly reach a civil war!

Faith above knowledge is when you annul yourself before the Creator, you accept everything as coming only from Him. And you care not of your own thoughts and feelings, but of His, whatever is good for Him and not for me.
This begins the work for the sake of the Creator (al Minat Leashpia).

The Embryo is the beginning of formation of the qualities of bestowal in man (for the sake of the Creator, Kelim de Hashpaa) in the original qualities of reception (for oneself, Kelim de Kabbalah) being able to act for the sake of the Creator (thinking of the Creator brings out the strength in him).

As Egoism grows, people no longer need a long-term personal relationship to be happy. Loneliness is the choice of millions. The number of singles is rising. Marriage is replaced with cohabitation. The world of singles. Thus more contact with friends, relatives.
Being a singleton is economically beneficial.
From Twitter, 4/1/19

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