The Main Kabbalistic Principle

laitman_219.01The main Kabbalistic principle is “There is none else besides Him.” It remains the recurring theme of spiritual development, which is built on the revelation of the Creator.

The Creator is revealed as the only one existing, governing, and determining. He is in constant communication with us, sending us all kinds of thoughts and desires that seem to arise in us from nowhere: Suddenly I want something, a thought suddenly pops up and I do not understand where it comes from.

Therefore, our very first task is to begin to focus on the fact that “There is none else besides Him,” which is the source of everything that happens to me and inside me.

Secondly, this principle means that what I do is practically done by the Creator.

Thirdly, if I think that I act by myself, then I am mistaken. But there are such states when I can ask the Creator to let me act. If these actions are directed against my nature, against my ego, then I ask Him to replace them with others.

It is my request, and not the action itself, which in any case comes from Him under the influence of the upper Light, which can arise with the proper processing of my interaction with the environment.

It turns out that all my feelings and everything that seems to come from me, in fact, comes from the Creator, although this is hidden from me.

I can, however, connect with my environment and receive from it such positive and negative excitations in thoughts and feelings, in which I myself will start to generate something in addition to what the Creator does through me. And then these actions will be mine. In these actions, thoughts, and desires, I will be me.

What does “me” mean? When does a human being (Adam) appear? It happens when he begins to interact with his environment such that he gets from it the opportunity to work despite the Creator, against the Creator. Then he gains power and acts. This is called “My sons defeated Me.”

Question: How should I relate the current life process to the principle “There is none else besides Him”?

Answer: In order to do this, you must seriously engage in Kabbalah because only Kabbalah realizes the principle “There is none else besides Him” in all the worlds.

Light governs all the worlds, the person, and humanity, causing all our actions, questions, etc. Therefore, the entire wisdom of Kabbalah fits practically into one principle—the conclusion that there is no one else but the only unified force of nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/19/17

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