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Exile is the expulsion from the upper world, the feeling of separation from existing in unity and bestowal, when life outside of this is impossible. Suffering pushes towards any means of closeness in the group and mutual connection with the Creator. But evil also becomes stronger.
Until we decide to run!

If we are ready to fight our common ego, Pharaoh, an interference with unity, with the power of #connection, #Moshe, beyond all possibilities, we reveal help from above in the point of connection: “Let’s go to #Pharaoh and fight together.”
The Creator is offering us to unite and bring us out of the power of #egoism, Egypt.

We raise bestowal, matzo, over the desire to enjoy, like bitterness (Maror), wishing to turn Maror into the sweetness of bestowal to the Creator, we come to Pesach, a counter consciousness: a new attitude to the desire to enjoy, from which we build the image of Man—a likeness of the Creator.
ADAM = EDAME, similar to the upper.

#Pesach is when a person constantly leaps (Pasah) from one opposite to another, bit by bit transforming his reception to bestowal. He does it with #Matsa—”the bread of poverty,” having no other nourishment and agreeing to be satisfied with what he receives by bestowing.

In the beginning of the path a person thinks that he can reach the goal by himself, that he can change on his own. Then he realizes that this is impossible. It can only be done by the upper force. Thus he is taught that he must bow his head and ask for help (like Rabbi Akiva).
That’s how one attains adhesion with the Creator.

The screen is like a valve that regulates how much will to enjoy I can attach to the intention of bestowal. It must be constantly regulated inside of oneself—in the relations between the will to enjoy and the will to bestow, and so on till the end of correction, constantly working with the screen.

#Passover is the start of realizing the Creator’s importance and greatness. Inasmuch as we increase the sensation of His greatness among us, that is how much we will advance. Everything follows from this.
If a person lives by the Creator’s greatness, he can fall and rise, but these are phases of his progress and he won’t veer away from them.

During Passover we don’t eat fruits or vegetables with a peel. Whatever can’t be peeled (such as tomatoes) is not consumed. Peel (Klipa) symbolizes egoism.
Cleansing ourselves of egoism requires us to peel egoism off of ourselves since it separates me from the group and through it, from the Creator.
Cleansing of egoism is the meaning of #Passover!

The Creator’s importance changes the value system: we see importance in rising above our will to enjoy. We begin to enjoy crushing our egoism for the sake of the spiritual (abstract) idea and goal, which is not yet clear in my desires, thoughts, values…

Spiritual work starts with the laws of Pesach—prohibitions of being in ego-desires. Exiting them, overcoming egoism—is exodus from Egypt.
After exodus and reception of #Torah, the light of correction, we work to correct ego-desires into qualities of bestowal, equivalence to the Creator.

Descents, increases in egoism, are included in ascents, greater connections, elevations: every ascent incorporates the preceding descent inside it.
“Killing the Egyptian” means destroying your attitude to descents. We start to perceive descents as a mandatory part of the ascent.

By its resistance, the “Egyptian,” our egoism, ensures ascent. Hence we leap over the state of “Egyptian” along the degrees of “Isra-El,” and the Egyptian provides the size of the ascent. #Pesach means leaping over the degrees of egoism (Egypt).

The will to enjoy, egoism, doesn’t disappear anywhere, and we must constantly be above it, rise. Hence we cannot be devoid of fear (Ira). Fear safeguards us from egoism’s complaints, since I demand protection from egoism, a covering over it, a shield—then I can enter the quality of bestowal.

A person receives permission to enter the Creator’s castle if he tries to think only about His benefit, no matter what happens. If he is in fear (awe) of being able to do this, then he is allowed to enter. The height of the fear determines the height of the degree of entry.

When we unite, we convey spiritual information to one another, forces of mutual work, which lifts everyone up. This is why unity is special. It allows each one to become like a great sage.
Kill the Egyptian—in you. Everything that Kabbalah describes is talking only about the qualities of the person.

Work with states like a rectifier (Wheatstone bridge—which straightens the electrical current) so the ascents and descents are perceived the same way—for bestowal. Thus we “straighten out” all the descents in all the states, and darkness will shine as light.
When descents are as ascents, everything transforms into one reality, the Creator’s authority.

But precisely these difficulties compel us to turn to the Creator and receive the light of correction—and rise above egoism into spirituality.

Egypt is the manifestation, in the common egoism, of urges (sparks) for correction, Isra-el, which we correct.
Hence it is difficult to come out of the common egoism, Egypt.

What do I wish the people of #Israel this #Passover?
Connection. That’s all we need.
#passover2019 #jewish

From Twitter, 4/17/19

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