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If I see that the rising #Antisemitism in the U.S. is correcting the #Jews of America, that they begin to move from the #Democratic side to the #Republican side, then we truly have hope to get through all these states in a relatively positive manner.
#DemocraticParty #RepublicanParty #Trump

Exile is feeling yourself in egoism’s oppression, the impossibility of bestowing, loving others as yourself, feeling yourself in vile self-love and necessarily suffering from these sensations.

It is precisely when you feel that a new egoistic force surfaces that you have a chance to turn to the Creator with a request to correct this force, to change its usage to goodness and bestowal, believing that you thereby give the Creator joy.

To come to need the Creator’s help, you have to start fighting egoism on your own, and only after being convinced that you are incapable, will you involuntarily turn to the Creator with a genuine plea for help.
The Creator deliberately doesn’t allow people to conquer egoism so they will come to need Him.

#Passover—after realizing one’s egoism as evil, it’s the holiday of redemption from egoism’s slavery and then exodus to reception of #Torah—the force that corrects egoism, followed by correction of egoism, attainment of the general rule of the Torah “Love another as yourself,” full correction.

The holiday issue of the newspaper The Nation writes about:
– how to celebrate #Passover according to the science of Kabbalah
– the role #women played in the #exodus from Egypt
– the first order of business for the elected Prime-Minister of #Israel
– and much more…
See the Hebrew paper:

Only when a person despairs in his own forces and attempts to reveal the Creator does he turn to Him for help, with a genuine plea of a broken heart. Hence one must care about realizing the Creator’s greatness and his own weakness, this will accelerate the realization of one’s insignificance and the genuine request.

Two forces have been prepared to develop us to the mandatory upper state of equivalence with the Creator:
One is unconscious —slow yet unrelenting pressure that compels us to change from good to evil;
One is conscious—with our participation, the same development happens …
consciously, willingly, quickly.
The choice is ours.

Man has just one desire that is unlike those of animals—the aspiration to the Creator. Hence only by realizing this aspiration should a person see his actualization as a human being, for all his other actions come from his animate degree.

Egoism’s power (exile, Pharaoh), which is revealed in proper study, can be overcome only with a cry for help to the Creator. The Creator sends a “holy soul” for each request—a will to bestow, love, unite. These parts unite and are felt as ascent in bestowal.

Don’t say that proper study doesn’t help or lead you to the goal.
For it shows you how lazy and egoistic you are, how much your qualities separate you from the Creator, and that overall—you’re the worst one of all!
This creates the conditions for prayer in you—to ask the Creator for correction.
From Twitter, 4/14/19

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