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How should we see the future?
-All states exist—we must learn to see them!
The future changes by our attitude to it. A Kabbalist knows that nature can’t be changed, but if he asks, then he will change, not the world.
-How can we tolerate the states?
-Don’t tolerate—enjoy them!

It is impossible to raise yourself above the environment. Therefore, one is obligated to receive from the environment through his own efforts, and by choosing the best environment, by absorbing from it, one achieves the goal more quickly. (Shamati 225)

The goal of being in egoism is to achieve complete hatred for the power of egoism over oneself and complete self-helplessness before it.
This is precisely when a person can turn to the Creator with a true request to rescue him from egoism.
The Creator is waiting for such a request, and immediately fulfills it!

All the light of infinity is ready to shine on man, but man doesn’t have a desire for it, the Kli, the screen and the Ohr Hozer, which connect man with the Creator. And if there is no Ohr Hozer (OH), one does not feel the Creator, as if He doesn’t exist at all.
And only in the measure of connection through OH does one feel and reveal the Creator.

The light that filled the common soul of ADAM left it and is ready to awaken the uncorrected desires for correction from the outside, and then fill them in the measure of their unity, as before the breakage. Correction is possible only through unity when we no longer feel separated by our bodies—egos.

We need to show each other an example of support of friends. A friend cannot be less important to me than the Creator. This is a true test.
For our unity must correspond to the light that is ready to fill it. Therefore, each friend should be as important to me as the Creator.

If there is no hate, there is no love. No distance—no connection. As Baal HaSulam writes in a letter about the wheel (Ofanim). Therefore, one should try to identify the signs of disunion between the friends in the group and, uniting above them, build a connection, a spiritual vessel.

If the group advances correctly, toward greater unity, the Creator places bigger obstacles between them. Realizing that everything comes from the Creator, they ask Him to overcome it with His greatness, and so they advance above the growing ego between them.
The greater one is in bestowal, the greater is his ego.

On his own, a person cannot change his egoistic perception of the world to an altruistic one, this world to the altruistic one. Hence he asks the Creator for it.
The whole difference between the worlds lies in changing the force of governance from egoistic to altruistic.
This is our choice: who controls us—#Pharaoh or the Creator.
From Twitter, 4/10/19

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