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The importance of spiritual work is precisely when one feels like a zero, when he sees that he annuls himself completely in everything, and egoism has no more power—then he enters spirituality. (Baal HaSulam. Shamati, 19)

A request, a prayer, is more important than an answer to it. Because in a request, a person needs the Creator, waits for His mercy, stays close to Him. Upon receiving the desired, one unwillingly moves away from the Creator. (Baal HaSulam. Shamati 19)

The Creator made creation with the desire to enjoy, opposite to the Creator. All still, vegetative and animal nature acts by virtue of instinct and cannot change anything. But man is given the opportunity to change his nature if he finds a way to turn to the Creator and ask for it.

The upper (spiritual) world exists and is felt not somewhere else, but is felt instead of our world, perceived in desires “for my sake”—in desires “not for my sake, for others’ sake.” We mustn’t be transported somewhere else, but must only change our attitude to ourselves, but to #others and the world

The whole difference between our world and the upper world is our relationships. If they’re egoistic, we feel our world, if they’re altruistic, we feel the upper world. Don’t wait for humanity to decide to change its relationships to bestowal.
Do it in the ten and reveal the upper world right now!

The best and surest way to correct yourself is to care about the friends’ correction.
Then you don’t think about yourself and don’t fall, but on the contrary, you draw the correcting light—which first passes through you to the friends, as it is written, “Each one who prays for the friends receives before them.”

The Creator’s aim is to delight the creatures, while man wishes to delight the Creator. He receives this force from the Creator and fights against the Creator. It’s because the Creator wishes to delight the creatures, while we, on the contrary, fight against the Creator, against the egoism He created. But this is exactly what makes the Creator happy.

The Creator rejoices at the request for closeness in similarity with Him, for disconnection from one’s ego— desire, to be in pure bestowal to Him.
The Creator says: My sons have defeated me: I created in them the desire to receive, and they strive to acquire from me the intention to BESTOW!

If a person organizes an environment through which he receives desires that are opposite to his nature, he can form a request to the Creator for the desire to bestow.
And the Creator will give the second nature, to use the desire to enjoy with the intention for the sake of bestowal. Thus a person becomes similar to the Creator.

Start controlling your thoughts and desires, until you realize that you are receiving them from the outside, from the Creator, because there is only the Creator beside man. Then separate yourself from thoughts and desires whenever possible.
Realize that there are periods when thoughts and desires control me at the will of the Creator.

—beyond my awareness, for I can realize it only later. Further efforts to try to hold on to the realization of the power of the Creator in me. Replace these efforts with a request, prayer, to the Creator, to not break away from Him, but to break away from the blind unconscious submission to Him, that is, from the #Pharaoh.

Restriction Tzimtzum Aleph means making myself seemingly neutral, receiving both forces, “reception and bestowal” from the Creator—and I wish to be between them, use both of them only for the Creator’s sake.
That is, the intention to use both of these forces for the Creator’s sake determines all my calculations and actions.
From Twitter, 4/9/19

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