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We perceive the world in equivalence of form.
We have capabilities of perceiving: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste.
Their sum total produces the picture of the world. Yet there are more influences in the world, we just don’t have the qualities to feel them.
The science of Kabbalah (the science of reception) develops these qualities in us.

If humanity is to shift to spiritual sensations, it must:
-be developed (the end of sciences, arts, family…)
-discover lack of fulfillment in its activities
This end of earthly history is starting in our time.
The lack of earthly fulfillments will push us to search for spiritual fulfillments.

A feeling of slavery—when you want to break free of egoism but can’t. Thus the efforts can only be above oneself, without seeing the reward. The greater the effort, the more bitterness. Until the sum of the efforts will summon the help of the Creator and receive a taste for His slavery.

Our freedom lies only in the opportunity to change our attitude to reality, rather than changing reality itself.
Reality is created by the illumination of our ego—Reshimo.
With your attitude to this, you change reality, or how you feel it:
this world—evil, or the upper world—goodness.

It’s the intention that operates: the Creator changes the desire, and we must endow every desire with an intention, just as every item in a store gets a label and price sticker. The Creator pulls up new desires in me, and I stick the right intentions on them.

In spirituality, calculations happen to the full degree. Therefore, a person receives help to ascend only if he asks to completely annul himself before the Creator—the quality of bestowal, even though egoism does not agree to it, and asks to revoke this desire.

After the degree of Lo Lishma there are no calculations for oneself, but only thoughts and actions to annul yourself, because you feel the greatness of the Creator, everything is done only for the sake of the Creator, thoughts and desires for oneself do not even arise—level of Lishma, one is in bestowal for the sake of bestowal.
From Twitter, 4/6/19

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