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Requests for the intention “for the Creator’s sake” bring a feeling of insignificance. Although every effort to bestow is included in the “piggy bank,” a person sees only the things he must still correct and not those he has already corrected. However, rather than waiting for the descents, he can elicit them on his own, “awaken the dawn”—and correct them.

As a result of many descents and ascents, a true desire for adhesion with the Creator emerges. Thus the vessel of the soul forms and filling from the Creator manifests in it. Before that, it seems that one does not advance and rather distances.
Things were planned this way so the creature will aspire to unite with the Creator.

Precisely when new questions arise about the meaning of spiritual work, there is room for new efforts. Questions (Aviut) come in order to expand the efforts (Masach). Efforts are the creation of a vessel for revealing the light (faith above reason).
Hence new difficulties / heaviness is the Creator’s help from above!

Every time from a descent, beginning to rise one should understand that it is a revelation of the egoistic desires that have not yet been corrected, while an ascent is their correction. Therefore, do not condemn the falls, but correct them to new ascents, and so on until the final correction.

The Creator produces a spiritual conception in man by giving him passion for bestowal. But later one must add his own desire to bestow. Otherwise, the excitement given to him from above will disappear and he will return to the black dot when his spirituality—bestowal is felt as darkness.

To reach the first spiritual degree, Bina, when one is limited in everything but always remains in joy, to go with the eyes closed is only possible by asking the Creator. And not to tell the Creator how to help him, but only to ask to defeat egoism because he is the worst and lowest of all, therefore he is asking and hoping.

Rising from a descent, finding forces to joyfully aim at the Creator—ask the Creator not for Him to be revealed, not to feel the taste, but to receive the force to overcome egoism, to be able to make efforts in joy since your efforts are only for the Creator’s sake, while you yourself aren’t fulfilled, but are working with the taste of ash.
From Twitter, 4/4/19

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