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On the human level there can be no love and hate or war and peace at the same time. In the spiritual world, however, it is possible because war and peace are the products of the same force that allows them to exist together.

Our path is creating the connections between us. It is intertwined with contradictions that our logic cannot bridge together, how the two opposites can coexist and support each other.
Thus, work is above knowledge: I grab hold of two threads, but only tie them at the next degree.

The network of our interconnections is the vessel for revelation of the Creator due to the similarity of form between Him and the vessel, the network of our connections. We weave it together until the strength, form and qualities of our unity allow the Creator to be revealed in it.

A sign of correct work is joy for the sinners that are revealed. I am happy about the evil that is revealed since it is a result of my work and preparation. Hence I do not revoke it, but rise above it.
This is the difference between those working for the Creator and those not working for Him.

In the spiritual world we do not look at a person’s actions.
It’s as if he is behind a veil and we don’t care what he is doing there.
We only want to know what his intentions are, through this veil.
When we see everyone’s intentions, as if reflected on a screen—this is called seeing the upper world.

At every moment we are given a chance to advance, and everything depends on our sensitivity. If I am perceptive enough, then at every moment I will see an opportunity to move on to a new state. Thus I can make many corrections at every moment, revealing new qualities each time.

At every moment, one must be ready to renew one’s connection with the Creator. The yearning for the Creator I had a moment ago is insufficient.
Now I reveal a new state: emptiness of the soul in order to be filled for bestowal—a place of adhesion with the Creator, my world.
From Twitter, 4/3/19

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