How Can We Use Our Individuality?

laitman_938.01Question: How can one use one’s individuality for the sake of a group and advancement?

Answer: When you begin working with a group you see how your qualities are clearly directed against the friends. There is nothing in you that can be correlated with them somehow.

You are completely different, distant from each other. You confront each other and hate each other. It is exactly here that you have an opportunity to connect with each other. So be it.

Question: How can a person verify that his perception of the group, friends, teacher, and Kabbalah are true if he does this from his uncorrected state?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. You work in relation to the group, so check yourself only regarding your friends. Do not worry, this is an established methodology. It comes from the very purpose of creation, from the connection between us. It cannot fail. In general, nothing in the world works, except for it.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian 11/18/18

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