Kabbalah And Individuality

laitman_962.3Question: Is a person who has a natural fear of losing his individuality not suitable for studying Kabbalah?

Answer: On the contrary, he is suitable for Kabbalah, he has something to lose. But his work is on his own individuality, only in inclusion in the group.

Question: What is a person’s “I”?

Answer: A person’s “I” is a measure of his inclusion in a group, his complete self-annulment at each moment of time. It is there that his true individuality is revealed.

Question: It is unclear: what is equality in a group?

Answer: Until we implement it, we will not understand. We must strive for it, and the upper Light, the Creator, will complete it for us.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/12/18

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