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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Our world is in the force of reception, the quality of receiving for oneself
The upper world is in the force of bestowal, giving to others
The wisdom of Kabbalah must give our world the ability to rise to the upper world. This is attained by people’s unity-humanity’s next degree.

When a contradiction arises in our world, we look for a conciliatory compromise. But in spirituality we don’t: the more we advance, the greater is the contradiction between matter and matter’s form, desires to receive and bestow, egoism and spirituality, screen and light.

You can add to the group whatever you want it to add to you. Until you understand that it lacks trepidation and love for the Creator, you won’t be able to add these qualities to it.
If you want greatness of the goal, you want greatness in the Kli. Then you can add it to the group.

The next spiritual degree is above my understanding, in spite of it. This was commanded to Abraham: 1. Isaac is your continuation; 2. Kill him. Both acts can’t be observed. But on the next spiritual degree, they complement each other and form one truth, “faith above reason.”

Arvut is when I think about spirituality and want others to think about the same goal. If they won’t think about it, I also won’t be able to hold on to the goal and will get distracted. I won’t have a connecting network in my soul, in 10 Sefirot, that will hold me inside it.

Wall Street International #Magazine (@WSImagazine_EN) published an article by my student about #melodies in Kabbalistic music, the benefit of silence and pauses in music and life for every one of us.

That is why spiritual work happens by faith above reason, above animate reason, built upon untraditional, opposite qualities. A person consists of two forms: human and animate. One must go by faith above reason, accepting, saddling his beast.

Entry into the spiritual world is based upon unity of mutually exclusive qualities, which together form one spiritual quality in every state, and thus lead to the goal. They do not annul one another; their single spiritual state is built above their contradiction.

Spiritual money equals truth. The more spiritual wealth (qualities) I have, the more I’m right. Spiritual money is bestowal, love, connection with others. The more of it I have, the closer I am to truth, greater connection with the Creator. A screen is money, bestowal, reward.

… and sensical in the quality of bestowal.

One who can tolerate such a split builds entry into the spiritual degree above it.
Example: the Creator said to Abraham: your continuation is in Isaac and sacrifice him. It sounds like a mutually exclusive act, but above this degree it becomes real …

Me: Nature is the Creator, while God was invented by you.

Stephen Hawking’s final book, published yesterday:
“There is no God. No one directs the universe,” he writes in “Brief Answers to the Big Questions.” … “I prefer to think that everything can be explained another way, by the laws of nature.”

Money (Kesef in Hebrew from the word “Kisuf” – covering) is a screen covering my egoism, the degree of bestowal to others.

Money is the degree of one’s efforts, aspiration, importance.
One must always measure the degree of connection.
Money is a general equivalent of human desires, i.e., the measure of everything.

If you “sell yourself” to the goals of our world, use your energy and abilities to attain goals in our world more than your vital necessities, replacing the soul’s correction with that, you “sell your soul to the devil/satan.” Satan is from the verb “Listot” – veer off the path.

In my growing love for the friend, I see that he “becomes corrected,” more pleasant and kinder, as is written, “love will cover all sins.” At the same time, I will continue seeing his bad attitude, while wrapping him in love, until I reveal that everything is set up by the Creator.

The friends’ behavior is an expression of my qualities that I must correct. It therefore doesn’t matter what I feel from them, or from the whole world. I must correct myself so I’ll perceive each friend as a comrade toward the goal of creation, nurturing love for him within me.

I must work on my love of friends regardless of how the friends act toward me. They are sent to me by the Creator, who arranges the picture of the world for me. I must accept this picture, understanding that I’m seeing not the friends, but “my reverse self.”

All of creation’s corrections lie in unity.
By aspiring to unity and making room for the Creator to be revealed by equivalence of our form to Him, we fulfill our mission. Thus, the world Bnei Baruch group is the front-line pioneers, to be followed by many other parts of the soul of Adam.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, a pause is creation of a Kli (vessel, deficiency).
I can’t hear silence properly if it wasn’t preceded by a pause originating from a special sound.
Silence is the note I am now hearing…
That’s how we feel the message transmitted to us by the melody.

#France has come to resemble a third-world country. Mass immigration has dehumanized French cities, which are overrun by drug dealers and Islamists. The authorities are not changing their policy, despite the forthcoming outburst of popular nationalism!
From Twitter, 10/17/18

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Wall Street International Magazine: “The Melodies of Infinity”

Wall Street International Magazine published an article by my student Manuel Marín Oconitrillo: “The Melodies of Infinity

Conversations with the Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman about music and Kabbalah

This conversation with Dr. Laitman is a continuation of others that I have had with him, through which I have immersed myself in Kabbalá. I have taken license to spell Kabbalá with the accent at the end in deference to Hebrew pronunciation and thereby leaving intact the bridge to “Rav” Laitman. As a gesture of affection and respect, Dr. Laitman’s students have given him this title, although he is not a rabbi, but a scientist and philosopher.

In the past I heard Dr. Laitman say:

“Music has the great quality of being able to express the connections between opposites. It is able to show emotions in the most abstract way. That is why it is a fundamental part of our life.”

It amazed me that he understands music so well. I learned that, as a child, he played the piano. When I heard him singing a melody, it was clear that although he does not have a trained voice, his pitch was in tune, which denotes a musical ear.

On another occasion he said:

“The composers have an inner ear. They feel their inner world through sounds. There are different styles of music and composers. Sometimes composers are secluded in order to listen to themselves, yet a composer is actually the result of society as a whole. Thus, the difference between a mediocre composer and a brilliant one is the degree to which he is able to feel the pain and hope of society as a whole. This has nothing to do with your spiritual level. A great New Life 532 – Kabbalah Convention, Jump to the Purpose of Creation can also be a savage. A composer has to try to learn the secret of life in order to reach the highest level of composition.”

A student asked him, “What is music?,” to which he replied:

“Music is a language that can express the deepest feelings of a person. It can excite and elevate a person, change a state of mind and the direction of thought. According to his style, music can transport us from one place to another. The music immediately awakens memories in the person and produces special feelings. Words penetrate us through the mind and we are forced to activate a mechanism of comparison, memory.

Music, on the other hand, immediately takes the emotion of memory and awakens it within us, whether we like it or not. Penetrate the person without asking permission. Music connects us with the conditions of the environment in which it is heard: with time, space, movement and events; all this is immediately awakened in our memory along with the sound we hear. Music is the world and everything that fills it.

There is something in musical harmony that is similar to the superior whole in nature. This is the reason why music exalts us. There is nothing threatening in the music and it brings calm joy, tears, and something that is very internal, personal and profound.

All nature plays music and music can heal.”

Over the years, I felt that all those questions of his students were also mine, and yet there were more doubts within me, more than I wanted to ask him. Being so immersed in the world of opera, which is what gives me food, every time I listen to kabbalistic music, I realize how far it is from the physical world, from the world of bodily desires, from the ego world, for its essence is perceived only from our aspirations to a higher world, a world corrected from the defects of the ego. Many times I have listened to the recordings of Rav Laitman’s teacher, Rabash, singing the melodies of his famous father and teacher, Baal Hasulam, but now I was ready to talk with the favorite student of Rabash about the threads that connect to infinity with music. Or is music rather a door?

So it was that the day came when I had the opportunity to talk to him about music during a recorded interview for Israel’s channel 66. The moderator was Norma Livne, born in Latin America, so she and I would speak in Spanish, Rav Laitman would translate to Hebrew and translate what I said into Spanish. I will not make a transcript of the whole program, but I will take the points that seem most relevant to me.

The moderator asked Rav Laitman:

What are the different spiritual states a person goes through when listening to Kabbalistic music?
I do not know. That’s not music, it’s opera. It’s something much more than music, because it includes everything that man produces and creates in our world. It is really the greatest creation we have in our cultural life. Kabbalah gives us all that from within, it can even thrill with simple notes (Kabbalist music), but if the man is directed towards that, he enters the same wave of melody, even if it is the smallest or simplest of wisdom of Kabbalah, the important thing is that this melody brings vibrations to his soul, and then he gets very excited with that, and wakes up inside even though they are simple sounds, but he is awakened by a sea inside, much more than a symphony or an opera. But equally, when I listen to opera, I find myself in a very special impression. Humanity has no greater works, it includes everything that humanity does culturally.

Although I do not come from that world, that’s what I think, that opera is the genre that more and better expresses creation, human nature, the relationship between people; it is the closest thing to what Kabbalah wants to express.

Why does it cause so much emotion?
The opera produces such a great emotion because it really includes everything. First of all, the process itself is slow, very wellcalculated, and very psychological.

Although the story is simple … Cio Cio San, Madama Buterfly, Puccini … Verdi …; History is history but equally, I do not know how to say it, but I think we should teach how opera connects people. I remember when I went to the Moscow or London opera, and I saw those rows of hundreds of people, who are finally just hundreds among millions who do not understand it so much. That is why education is needed, equally for the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Then it was my turn to ask him my question. I felt a storm in my head, so I tried to be as concise as I could.

In a webinar you said that in the spiritual world actions determine what spiritual time would be. Music has structures in which silences are interspersed, that is, moments where nothing happens but is part of the melodic structure, such as pauses or breaths. What is silence in the spiritual world?
Without pauses we could not hear anything. The pause is like the preparation of the Kli, (vessel) and the pauses have to sound inside us no less than the sounds we hear because when I hear a sound and then I hear a silence it is not silence, it is the same sound that begins to work in an inverse way in me, because it produced silence; without the sound there would be no silence. Then silence is that note that I now hear … Now, the silence that comes after belongs to that previous sound and connects it to the one that follows. Because we, in all things, in our words, not only in musical works, we can not without pause, without differentiating the transmissions that we find between one and the other, because in the wisdom of Kabbalah that is the creation of the Kli, of the vessel, of the lack, because I can not correctly hear a silence if there is not a special pause before, and that pause has to arise from the special sound that came before, and then, in this way we feel the message that’s in the melody.

Many of the melodies of the Kabbalists are precisely constructed from the psalms of King David. Now, if the psalms are already a spiritual description, what does the music contribute, or in the psalms text and music are integrated?
Well, we hear that musical works do exist since we do not know when, because people wrote about everything they had before them. For example the harp of King David, we do not really know how he sang his psalms, as he was known as an instrumentalist and as a composer. There is a great difference, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, in how we listen to the melodies, for example those of Baal Hasulam, who composed many … We use them because in them there is a spirit (Ruach) and that is why we respect them so much, It is part of our study.

Are there melodies for the various spiritual worlds: Adam Kadmon, Azilut, Beriah Yetzirah, Asiah, or is it general and everyone perceives it from its reach?
All the melodies (Kabbalists) are in Atzilut, that is the place where you can really express the whole message, not less than that, that is, also the music and the human voice, which includes all the instruments, have to be already in the degree of Azilut.

Why did Baal Hasulam compose several melodies for the same text? For example on the text of Bnei eijalá composes several melodies. I he expressing things from different (spiritual) reaches?
I do not know, it may be that they are different versions of different states, because the very state of Bnei eijalá (The children of the palace) can come from the side of the major or minor and depends on that, after all it is a state of a special elevation called Shabbat and that comes there in various ways. I think the closest thing to Baal Hasulam is the slow version of that melody, it’s the closest to him, it’s what I feel.

The whole interview went by in a flash and I could have kept asking and asking: What is music really? How does the universe sound? What is the universe? This has been just one small glimpse into this world and perhaps this is all we can digest for the moment.

When I reflect back upon these conversations, I discover now that I have even more questions than before. Perhaps, after pausing, a new desire will awaken and when it comes perhaps we will become closer to the corrected world, the world of the infinite, which the Kabbalists call Einsof (“without end”). We have at least the music of the Kabbalists. Let’s listen to it, and keep asking.

Medium: “A Virtual Jewish Nation May Teach the World How to Live on the Cloud”

Medium published my new article “A Virtual Jewish Nation May Teach the World How to Live on the Cloud

We’re all familiar with “the cloud.” But have heard about “cloud nations”?

If you ask futurists and visionaries, such as Dr. Roey Tzezana, they will tell you that in the coming decades we will no longer need the territorial institutions of the world. Instead, most of the government and civil services will be provided automatically and from anywhere in the world through newly developing technologies such as Blockchain.

Essentially, “cloud nations” are a virtual way for a large number of people to unite under a common identity, and easily program their own “smart contracts” that will transparently oversee the conduct of a large number of individuals. And at the same time, enjoy all the rights and services that currently only exist in the physical world.

Cloud nations are not bounded by territory, they have no borders, and citizens can leave and enter these “states” freely. Cloud nations can replace a large number of institutions and governmental bodies, and even transfer the power of decision-making to citizens, gradually rendering governmental functions obsolete.

Cloud nations will provide immediate and decentralized systems of justice, so most of the functions of courts won’t be necessary. Citizens will receive prompt justice anywhere and at any time, and have an effective government that will act for them on their own behalf.

In addition, cloud nations will allow for a cooperative economy that doesn’t concentrate power in the hands of greedy economic tyrants. And obviously, the artificial intelligence of the cloud nation will know how to answer any question, as it will analyze all the information that exists from the dawn of humanity, and also calculate the basic needs of every human being to provide him with what he wants with a push of a button and 3D printing.

As mind bending as this future scenario sounds, Dr. Roey Tzezana doesn’t stop there. In his recent book, “Rulers of the Future,” he takes the idea of cloud nations another step further.

Together with Jewish thinkers and researchers, the futurist is working on the “Jewish Cloud Nation” project — a virtual state that will finally unite all Jews around the world, regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation, and provide services to all of them “in a fully decentralized way with no geographical limitations.”

The core values of the Jewish Cloud Nation will be determined by a committee of Jewish sages that will include the great thinkers and social scientists who will meet physically and virtually to decipher and define common values for all Jews around the world.

According to the “Jewish Cloud nation” website, the aim is to realize the momentous Jewish value of “Tikkun Olam” — an old-new principle according to which Jews carry a responsibility for the entire world. “The code of the Jewish Cloud Nation will be open and transparent, and will be shared with everyone to allow for further creation of other cloud nations, to serve the needs of citizens of the entire world without the involvement of dysfunctional governments or corrupted regimes.”

It is nice to see that experts who recognize the imminent technological future, also envision the emergence of a cooperative society and even take steps to realize the vision. Such a vision corresponds directly with the social teachings that appear in the authentic writings of Kabbalah. About a century ago, Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag wrote: “Do not be surprised if I mix together the well-being of a particular collective with the well-being of the whole world, because indeed, we have already come to such a degree that the whole world is considered one collective and one society.”

The process that we’re about to enter is no less than the birth of a new humanity. From day to day, we are witnessing the culmination of a multi-faceted global crisis that will necessitate us to reorganize human society. We will have to adapt to our interdependence, as well as our interconnection with the natural system. And technology experts are certainly among the pioneers to identify this trend. What’s more, they recognize the practical tools to create an infrastructure that will enable a new social order at every level: economic, social, political, educational etc.

And yet, smart contracts are not enough to bring people together. Technology does indeed upgrade our abilities, but it doesn’t upgrade our inner qualities and the way we relate to each other.

If the “Jewish Cloud Nation” aspires to be an exemplary society based on mutual concern, it must begin from an educational process that is welcomed by its initial citizens. They will have to encourage mutual consideration and build new norms and values for positive social engagement. Ultimately, they need to develop a new way to sense each other, as pieces of a single whole. This is a conscious development that requires people’s willingness to change themselves and upgrade their perception of life.

A prime example of such a change is the issue of privacy. To futurists such as Tzezana, It’s clear that no matter how much we discuss the right for privacy in our time, in the technological future, the struggle for privacy is a lost battle. Also, the renunciation of privacy will help the system benefit the individual.

Privacy in cloud nations will have to be reduced to a minimum, but the willingness to give up one’s privacy is a matter that requires great preparation and adoption of new values that will exchange the need for privacy with real benefit. This is just one example of the need to change human consciousness and nurture human connection.

As we move towards the structure of the future society that our technology is weaving before our eyes, we will have to adapt to values and concepts that today seem utopian or simply delusional. Therefore, rather than expecting our technology to direct us, we should educate ourselves towards the change we have to go through — becoming interconnected human beings in a society that promotes unity and rewards mutual concern and consideration.

If the pioneers of the Jewish Cloud Nation train themselves for this, rains of blessings will come down from the Jewish Cloud Nation to the entire world.

New Life 1056 – Unity And The People Of Israel, Part 1

New Life 1056 – Unity And The People Of Israel, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Nature is entirely integral and obligates us to live in unity. This is what forms the foundation of the existence of the people of Israel. Abraham taught the group that he built around him how to unite above all their differences and discover the transcendent unity in nature. The multitude of opinions, disputes, pluralism, opposition, and thoughts of mutual hatred remain in this process. We rise above the differences by adhering to the principle of “Love covers all transgressions.” The true point of unity occurs when each one fights against his own ego in order to connect with others above it. We ascend into unity with all of nature when we are in both levels at the same time. If the people of Israel unite, the whole world will follow since Israel includes everyone. Global happiness will be achieved when the whole world will become “as one man with one heart.”
From KabTV’s “New Life 1056 – Unity And The People Of Israel, Part 1,” 9/6/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/17/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson Preparation for the Virtual  Convention 2018

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 77

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Love of God and the Love of Man”, Title “One Mitzva (Commandment)”

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