Virtual Kabbalah Convention “Day One” – 10/19/18

Preparation for Virtual Kabbalah Convention

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Virtual Kabbalah Convention, “The Science of Kabbalah in the Modern World, on the Perception of True Reality,” Lesson 1

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Audio Version Of The Blog – 10/19/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter 10/18/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

What do you think of the proverbial psycho-physical threshold? I heard about it when I was young, in college. If a person did something, he won’t do anything more—his psycho-physical state won’t allow it.
From Twitter, 10/18/18

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Every Day An Opportunity

laitman_294.2Every day we have an opportunity to become increasingly closer to each other, that is, to the inner, emotional, and spiritual center of our unity, despite the difference in opinions and habits that might seem strange to others. However, we know that we are looking through the eyes of our egoism and therefore, we see nothing right. The only thing left for us is to have faith in the sages, Kabbalists, and be grateful for the chance to overcome.

By this sign it is possible to check how far you have moved or that you have already left the path leading to the goal of creation, to faith above reason, whether you rely on a spiritual basis or you fall into your egoism every time. The Creator gives us opportunities for advancement at every second; we just need to correctly accept them and correct our properties in order to see from them the true world instead of the world of egoistic deception.1

Give yourself as a gift to your friends

The creation of a spiritual Kli is carried out by getting closer to the friends. Such rapprochement is possible only through self-annulment, by adopting what I disagree with from them. This work involves including myself into the group, bowing down to it instead of dragging it into one’s own viewpoint.

If I really want to get closer to the center of the group, where the Creator is hiding from me, I have to look for difficulties and problems that I can overcome in order to connect with my friends. My gift to the group is my heartfelt and sincere participation by faith above reason.

Despite my disagreement, I join my friends. I then see that everything is already prepared in advance and there is no one to correct except for me. Everybody is already including themselves in the common soul, and only I, Malchut, should correct myself in relation to them. I will then reveal the structure of the common soul with its filling—the Creator residing within it.

All this is due to the fact that I correct myself against my will, making gifts to a friend or the group by annulling myself and joining them. I do not want this, and this unwillingness remains in me as the depth of my egoism (Aviut), but I do it above my unwillingness, against my egoism, and so I make a restriction, a screen, and include my Malchut in the first nine Sefirot.

The nine first Sefirot are the properties of my friends given to me for work and self-annulment so that I can restrict my egoism and be ready to give, to help, to support them in everything. As a result, I find out that everything has already been corrected. It is is the clothing of the Creator who arranged it all to help me develop love in myself and reveal Him.2

Only by the power of the greatness of the goal received from the environment is our willingness to transfer ourselves to the group measured. It is as if I came to a store to buy a gift for a friend and choose it according to the price indicating how much I appreciate him, how much am I willing to pay for his love: one hundred dollars, one thousand, or one hundred thousand?

In the same way, I assess my state in relation to the group: What I am ready to give up for the sake of connecting with my friends? After I have chosen the group, I have to go with it by giving up my egoism for the sake of connecting with it all the time. Gradually, I transfer my desire to enjoy from “within reason” to “above reason,” lifting it above the screen until I accumulate so much desire there that I can feel the presence of the Creator in it.

This is my gift to the group because this is the most precious thing that I have and that they need, that very desire that can be attributed to the Creator. The group is waiting for such a gift from everyone.3

The gift is always internal because you need to deny yourself something for him, to pay. The gift itself is just an external symbol, but it includes an inner action regarding our egoism, our desire to enjoy.

If I do not feel that I am going against my egoism. This is not considered as a gift because I do not refuse anything. A gift is when I, an absolute egoist, can cut off, suppose, ten percent from myself and pass it on to a friend. Only if my ego resists such a gift is it considered a gift. If I bring gifts to the one I love, then I make gifts to myself, like a mother giving to a child and enjoying it even more than the child does.

The giver of a gift to a friend refuses his egoism and passes it to the service of the group. It is necessary to make a gift of what causes the greatest resistance inside of us.4

A gift means that I take some filling from my egoism and pass it on to the benefit of others. Even buying a gift for a friend in a store, I refuse a hundred dollars, passing to a friend my desire to enjoy, which he can now use.

This is how we use the whole world, as it is written: “Go and earn from each other.” Let us begin to connect in such a way that each one will yield to the other, and in this way we will again unite in one Kli. Mutual earnings are an exchange, a connection of our desires into one desire. All of reality is a desire, there is nothing else. The whole world does the work of the Creator, consciously or unconsciously.5

Money is a cover, a screen. To the extent that I have such coverage, I can “pay,” that is, raise my desire to enjoy and transfer it to bestowal.6
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/18, Lesson Preparation for the Virtual Convention 2018
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5Minute 39:39
6Minute 43:00

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Making Worldwide Bnei Baruch One Spiritual Vessel—The Spiritual Embryo

laitman_290The upper governance is pushing us to unite into one world Kabbalistic group around the entire globe in order to feel ourselves as one spiritual vessel. For this purpose, it is necessary to overcome all differences, to understand and feel each other despite the difference in languages, time zones, mentalities, levels of preparation, technical interference in communication, etc.

Of utmost importance is to understand that we are moving toward universal unity at the demand of the upper governance, and we are implementing it step by step, level by level. The first step that we enter in the spiritual world is called the embryo. This embryo must be perfect, that is, similar to the construction of the common soul of Adam HaRishon that had shattered.

Now we are collecting the parts of this soul back into one soul, and we must understand that this embryo is the first step of the union. The embryo is built on concessions, annulling oneself in relation to the group. Heartfelt participation is necessary, but a person is not the master of his heart, which is in the hands of the Creator. We thus need to learn how to influence the Creator so that He will unite our hearts into one. We will then become a spiritual embryo.

It is not enough to sit together and study—you need to somehow unite the hearts, and this is what is most difficult. The construction of the world group provides us with a new connecting force because a lot of additional interferences are revealed that must be overcome. In our group, we seem to have done our best, performed all the physical actions, and the heart is not in our power. But by striving to unite on the scale of the entire Bnei Baruch World Kli, we are taking one more step toward opening our hearts, sharpening our feelings for each other.

Due to such an extensive unification of the 80 groups around the world, of a huge number of people of different mentalities and culture, we will be able to awaken and touch each other, completing the impressions we lack to create a common Kli, which will be called a spiritual embryo inside the upper system.

All we need is to connect the parts of the soul separated from us. After all, once we existed as a single soul, Adam HaRishon, in the form of a perfect system. However, this system was shattered, and now we need to exit ourselves and attach the lost parts back to ourselves so that the Shechina will reign in this perfect spiritual body forever.

It sounds so simple: to exit yourself, collect all the parts of the soul that are outside, which are essentially my own organs, and attach them back to me. Then, in this connection, similar to the structure of Adam HaRishon, we will reveal the Creator who fills this Kli.1

I need to perform three actions and the Creator will finish the rest:

  • Exit myself
  • Collect the separated parts of my soul
  • Implant these organs into myself so that they become one body.

The most difficult thing is to feel that I really lack these organs in order to internally attach and implant them into me. I currently do not feel that I need them, like I do not feel the need of a sixth finger.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/18, Lesson Preparation for the virtual Convention 2018
1 Minute 1:50
2 Minute 20:00

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What Gives Birth To A Desire?

742.03Question: How can one desire give birth to another? Is there an example in our world?

Answer: The Light gives birth to a desire. We study this in the four phases of direct Light. The Light acts on the original desire and begins to develop it from the still to the vegetative, then to the animate and human, which gives its desire to bestow.

The quality of bestowal, unity, love, helps the desire become diversified and at the same time connected. That is why atoms appear, molecules, and all sorts of chemical compounds that form the vegetative nature, developing under the influence of the sun, photosynthesis, and other phenomena.

Then the animate nature appears in which complex protein and other processes take place. Then, finally, human nature—but this is not even in matter, but higher than matter—the desires and the thoughts of a man are what distinguish him from the animal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/13/18

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New Life #82 – How Can We Ease The Pressure Of Daily Life?

New Life #82 – How Can We Ease the Pressure of Daily Life?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


A healthy group is one that is connected to nature’s capacity to radiate healing energy. Anxiety and the sensation of pressure in life can be transformed into positive emotions when we know how to manage ourselves socially, what to talk about together, and which activities to engage in.
From KabTV’s “New Life #82 – How Can We Ease The Pressure Of Daily Life?” 10/14/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/19/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson Preparation for the Virtual  Convention 2018

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Love of God and the Love of Man”, Title “And to Cleave Onto Him”

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