What Gives Birth To A Desire?

742.03Question: How can one desire give birth to another? Is there an example in our world?

Answer: The Light gives birth to a desire. We study this in the four phases of direct Light. The Light acts on the original desire and begins to develop it from the still to the vegetative, then to the animate and human, which gives its desire to bestow.

The quality of bestowal, unity, love, helps the desire become diversified and at the same time connected. That is why atoms appear, molecules, and all sorts of chemical compounds that form the vegetative nature, developing under the influence of the sun, photosynthesis, and other phenomena.

Then the animate nature appears in which complex protein and other processes take place. Then, finally, human nature—but this is not even in matter, but higher than matter—the desires and the thoughts of a man are what distinguish him from the animal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/13/18

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