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Pittsburgh Massacre: Understanding The Hatred Toward Jews

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 10/28/18

It is with great sadness that I need to react yet again to a horrible and tragic event. I hope we learn how we can truly prevent this from ever happening again.

My Thoughts On Twitter 10/28/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

A sinner is one who doesn’t ask for others.
A person is judged only by how much he invests in promoting the souls toward the Creator.

Ego isolates a person from his soul, Adam.
The souls are connected with each other, while ego closes a person off like inside a cocoon or mummy. By coming out of it, in the connection with all other souls you discover the Creator—your upper, spiritual, eternal life.

We demand of the Creator to correct us, we compel Him to correct the connections between us. This is called “My sons have defeated Me.” We must constantly be in that demand to the Creator, as long as we’re discovering egoism. Don’t be afraid or ashamed—ask like children do.

We must discern that we can’t come closer to each other, we’re unable to overcome ego alone, we’re weak and don’t want this. But in spite of it, to ask the Creator, “Although I don’t want it, You correct me. Ego is nature, You created it. Therefore I can ask You to correct it.”

No one is bad. One is bad not inside himself, but only in that he doesn’t want to connect to others. Only this constitutes ego’s, our nature’s negative quality -only rejection of the connection between us. What matters most is to think of connection instead of yourself personally

Mutual guarantee is connection between souls and the Creator is light in the connection. Mutual guarantee: you leave your ego and gain a common spiritual body
In our world we’re pushed apart by ego; in the spiritual one we harmoniously connect by mutual guarantee and reveal the Creator

Mutual guarantee is the #1 quality of an integral system—unity of particular souls into a single soul, the unified system of Adam, like in a living organism.
We’re all interconnected, each one with each one. The net of forces that’s between us, connecting all of us is the Creator

One person can’t create an integral system. But if he exerts to gather people together, he’ll discover that this system is already there, ready.
As we come closer to it, we reveal the conditions for matching qualities and unity between us into one organism—the Soul.

We support each other so each one of us won’t forget that he faces “the field blessed by the Creator.” We enter this field, where each one of us can achieve—on the condition of mutual guarantee!—his entry into the spiritual world.

When upholding mutual guarantee, I must be guided only by myself—I shouldn’t wait for the same thing from the friends.
They can even obstruct me from upholding the mutual guarantee.
Because this is the condition the Creator has set for me.
Because there’s None Else Besides Him.

There’s just one problem in mutual guarantee: realizing that connection between us is the Creator. All “other” problems are there to push us toward identifying and correcting our connection with Him. It solves absolutely everything. I build the connection, and that’s the Creator!

Every person is how the Creator made him! Correct not yourself, but connection with others. Finding the right connection between us is our entire spiritual work—scrutinizing it ourselves and asking the Creator to show us how He created these connections, in bestowal (Hassadim)
and reception for the sake of bestowal (Hochma).

The law of general mutual guarantee determines our liberation of one another from egoism’s prison.
The friend will save me from egoism if I save him.
But I don’t depend on others if I uphold the mutual guarantee.
Others are the Creator—the condition for upholding mutual guarantee.

The Creator is the quality of bestowal and love revealed in mutual guarantee, in the connections.

The quality of the net of forces connecting particular souls into one common soul of Adam is mutual guarantee (Arvut).
How does Arvut differ from the Creator?
Arvut is the law of mutual guarantee, connection of #souls.

Inasmuch as we’re opposite in our ego-world, can’t stand and constantly clash with one another—to the extent we reveal Mutual Guarantee, spiritual mutual connection between us, where everyone’s superimposed with one another, we reveal that we all complement one another!

Your attitude to the friends, the way you see the friends—this is the Creator’s image in you.
Can you imagine how you imagine Him…?
You depict the Creator in you the same way you relate to the world!
From Twitter, 10/28/18

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How To Acquire The Desire To Bestow

Laitman_524.01Rabash, “Love of Friends – 2”: By which substance can one be brought to acquire a new quality that he must bestow, and that reception for self is faulty? This is against nature! Though at times, one receives a thought and desire that he must abandon self-love, which comes to us by hearing of it from friends and books, it is a very small force, which does not always shine for us…

A person, making timid attempts to get away from the power of the ego, may desire, scream, and pray, but this is all within the ego, inside his own cell. I remember how I wept from despair and Rabash laughed in my face. There are various challenges and moments.

This is all given to a person so that in the end one will realize that nothing is solved by the person alone. Everything is solved only by revering the group, and this is possible only with the help of the upper Light.

When joining the group, you do everything that it needs, you realize all your strength, and you do so in order to gather your friends together and make a vessel of them for the revelation of the Creator.

Question: It turns out that the influence of Kabbalistic books and sages are insufficient; we also need a group?

Answer: Of course. In the individual form, nothing happens. The influence of books on each of us is only necessary to awaken a person.

This is the preliminary information, the preliminary pressure on the person, which pushes him to the goal. Realization comes later, at a “mature age,” when a person is already in the group for several years, studies, communicates with his friends, and acquires some concepts and contacts. He masters the lexicon, a certain literature, because he must absorb it all.
From TV Program “The last generation” 4/12/18

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