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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

In Kabbalah one must be attuned to perception “from mouth to mouth,” when a student annuls to the Teacher to receive upper info as feelings, and then to realize it in him and work with it independently. The sounds don’t matter—try to “hear the sounds of the soul” through them.

We must abstract ourselves from the sounds of the melody. Just as a student who wishes to understand the teacher may not know the language in which the material is presented, but he discovers inside him the sensation transmitted by the Teacher by means of his desire alone.

-How can Baal HaSulam’s melodies and lyrics affect a person who listens to them?
-They certainly contain certain spiritual forces. A melody is a great force, but it can be attained only to the extent that a person is in it.

Professor Kapitsa compared Baal HaSulam’s “Teaching of the Ten Sefirot” to the Landau-Lifshitz 10-volume Course of Theoretical Physics. In a conversation with me he said that it’s the basics of all spiritual physics.

People who study Baal HaSulam’s method consider him their Teacher. They enter the world he revealed and reveals to them as a Teacher, leading them along. They advance, following him, studying his articles, letters and multi-volume works such as the Teaching of the Ten Sefirot.

– What is a song—is it prayer (MAN), awakening from below?
– A song includes everything—the whole process of spiritual work, since a melody always includes the confrontation of different sounds, sequences of degrees and pauses.

If one aspires to the Creator and correction, he should understand that today correction is possible only with the nations of the world. The nations are passively included in correction, while Israel works on it actively. To raise MAN, Israel must include the nations’ desires.

In the past, all corrections related to #Israel—desires striving to correction. But now Israel can’t be corrected unless the nations of the world are part of that since all of correction happens precisely for them “Israel went into exile to attach the souls of the nations to it.”

In past generations #Israel had to be corrected alone, ascend and descend (Egyptian exile, exodus, build the 1st Temple, destruction, exile, build the 2nd Temple, destruction, exile). The broken desire is being prepared for full correction, which must incorporate the whole world.

When we turn to the Creator, we speak to a system rather than an individual. Thus our appeal to Him is effective only if we operate according to the laws of the system, in line with the program of creation. We can affect the program only to the extent of our equivalence to it.

It’s precisely self-annulment on all degrees, the state of embryo, that produces a lack of time, past-present-future, and I enter a new dimension. There’s no life-death, but only the point of my unity with the upper one that belongs to eternity.

All spiritual growth occurs through self-annulment. The difference between states is the degree at which I annul myself. Even when I attain a great state, receiving the whole light of infinity for the sake of bestowal, I still remain an embryo since I annul myself to the light.

…. while the unity, on the contrary, diverges.

Music of the soul and its general sensation is born as a result and as harmonious connection between feelings and reason. When a sage enters the spiritual world, he feels the upper harmony, which can’t be transmitted by words since the contradictions merge and blend, ….

…. light that is already ablaze from afar, like the dawn.

When we sing melodies by Kabbalists, we should understand that they’re all composed from the state of adhesion with the Creator. They can’t contain any sadness, pessimism, or sensation of heaviness of the work. On the contrary, they come from hope, attraction to the Beloved, ….

Baal HaSulam composed his own melodies and taught them to students so they wouldn’t sing foreign motifs to words from the prayer book.

Baal HaSulam’s group was less than 10 people from diverse backgrounds. Each had his own melodies, which they sang at meals and prayers, especially on Yom Kippur

#Israel and the nations take part in correction since it’s the whole world’s problem.

It’s written that the nations of the world will lift Israel up on their shoulders, meaning push them to correction, obligating them to rise to the Creator’s mountain, at each step uniting with the upper light and correcting desires of AHP.

What then can I change if “there’s none else besides Him?”

The program of creation drives everything, and my connection to it is expressed only in accepting its authority, recognizing that “there’s nothing but the upper force.” If the Creator did this, then there’s nothing for me to complain about and nothing to ask for.

Me: Isn’t it too late?

French polemist Éric Zemmour:
France today is threatened by:
globalization and
the Islamic demographic wave.
France is under siege and needs protection.
Its identity is threatened by:
the human rights ideology and
migrational invasion
I fear that France will disappear!

The new “independent” Internet must focus on people’s upbringing, raising them above their egoistic nature. In the meantime, the internet works toward humanity’s correction by accelerating the revelation of our egoistic nature and its flaws— realization of evil.

All the symbols of the Sukkot holiday: embrace from the left and right and a kiss—result from corrections made on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. The joy of Sukkot is born from our ability to overcome our will to enjoy and build a screen or covering above it.

It’s important to see what spiritual action is indicated by each holiday. When we use the language of branches to discuss holiday (for example Sukkot) symbols, they indicate the upper root. From this we can understand what to do with desires/intentions in the group in this state.

Advancing by Baal HaSulam’s method, we see a large screen with a general picture, and in the corner a small fragment with a part of it, like a surgeon sees general data on a patient’s condition and at the same time, the specific location of the current surgery on a small monitor.

Baal HaSulam made great scrutinies: what’s the Creator’s desire, aim of creation and ways to attain i—he came down to us and explained it. We must enter, understand and feel his method so the light will pass through us and fill us, allowing us to grasp the words’ inner essence

We study the Book of Life, living it, practically experiencing it and projecting its letters in the form of states flowing through our vessels-desires.
Baal HaSulam arranged everything so that, as we go through our particular actions, we gain knowledge about the system as a whole.

We owe Baal HaSulam our spiritual life just like we owe our father and mother the life of our animate body. Only it’s not corporeal life, but spiritual, in which we attain eternity and perfection, the upper worlds, a state we can’t even imagine now.

We recently celebrated the memorial day of Baal HaSulam, our great teacher. He revealed the wisdom of Kabbalah to our generation so we may use it to rise from the animate degree to the human degree, know how to carry out all actions and merit having our eyes opened.

Mutual guarantee: society strives to provide every person with fulfillment of one’s vital necessities.
And the same goes for spiritual correction, since by acting this way, the group becomes similar to the upper force, able to carry out all corrections and fulfill all necessities.

The Creator is the general force of bestowal expressed as bestowal to others.
One must feel another’s desire and give him what he wants.
Then in our world we’ll feel the Creator by the law of equivalence of form with Him—we’ll meet Him inside the friend. The Creator and I, together

Sukkah: There’s only one commandment or the Creator’s command to the creatures—to build a screen, a canopy above their heads in order to cover up their egoism, thoughts about one’s own benefit and rise above it to the common benefit. Then our actions will be similar to the Creator

Can we say that the Creator is a person?
A person is something relative to others, where nothing exists but the Creator. We exist in Him. We seem to exist outside of Him. Kabbalah describes stages of merging with Him—revelation of the truly existing state “None else besides Him.”

Trump: the USA government will act only for the USA’s interests and not for global bureaucracy; it will pursue its interests, independence and cooperation rather than global management. We won’t give up our sovereignty into the hands of the unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy.

Forget the EU: centrifugal processes in EU will mount due to egoism’s natural development, impeding creation of a unified Europe. But EU heads wish to create at least a communion of European peoples.
Underestimating the power of national egoism, they’ll repeat the USSR’s mistake.

A holiday, a “Good Day,” is reception of reforming light that provides a screen over our will to enjoy, making us similar to the upper light, the Creator, bestowal. A Good Day is reception for the sake of bestowal, since we received the power to bestow from above.
From Twitter, 10/4/18

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How Should Underdeveloped Countries Develop?

laitman_963.4Question: How should the development of underdeveloped countries occur? What is a better approach: micro-finance or macro-finance?

Answer: Only by developing traditional education, which is inherent to all people in the world, so that education and culture correspond to the nation’s nature, will we be effectively developing each nation.

We must understand that, in general, there are 70 nations of the world and they are all unequal. Similar to bodily organs, they need to complement each other. Therefore, if we show an equal and kind attitude to everybody, but according to the nature of each, we will see that they really can make a remarkable contribution to humanity.

Then we will manage to extract the maximum benefit from each nation. This all depends on a benevolent and warm attitude toward everyone, so that he or she can serve humanity precisely in the measure that corresponds to him or her.

We must understand that all of nature is divided between countries and nations such that it leads a person to a state in which each one complements another. As a result, we really can find ourselves in an equal and perfect world where each one fills the other and reaches a world that is all good.

We will then be privileged to see that each nation has a remarkable share in humanity. Also, only because they complement each other are we rewarded with a perfect life in all of human society—with love, perfection, respect, and honor for everyone.

First of all, we need to reveal that every nation has its place, just as the organs of the body have their places. We need it, and until we see that we need it, we will be unable to evaluate and raise it to its own distinctive realization.
Round table of independent opinions. Berlin 9/9/06

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You Are Responsible For The Whole World

laitman_929Baal HaSulam, “The Giving of the Torah”: “Our sages said ‘All of Israel are responsible for one another.’ This seems to be completely unjust, for is it possible that if someone sins or commits a sin that upsets his Maker, and you have no acquaintance with him, the Creator will collect his debt from you? It is written, ‘Fathers shall not be put to death for children… every man shall be put to death for his own sin” (Deuteronomy 24:16), so how can they say that you are responsible for the sins of even a complete stranger, of whom you know neither him nor his whereabouts?'”

To the extent that we climb the steps of correction, in the measure of our spiritual development we are responsible for others.

Question: Baal HaSulam emphasizes that we are responsible for everyone, without knowing, seeing, or being with them. How can this be?

Answer: This is not about people. It is about the system: you are responsible for it because you can bring the upper Light on it, which will fix it. At your level, you must do it.

It is yours! The whole world is your Kli, your vessel, your soul. And that is why you are responsible for the whole world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 3/15/18

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New Life #81 – Health: Infectious Diseases, Viruses, And Bacteria

New Life #81 – Health: Infectious Diseases, Viruses, And Bacteria
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


We create diseases, viruses, and bacteria through our egoistic insistence not to connect to one another. We can also be infected by spiritual viruses and evil thoughts. If we don’t advance and evolve correctly toward one, unified system of mutual bestowal, we invoke the forces of nature that balance us through destruction and cleansing. Nature is leading us along the levels of mental and emotional evolution, on the way to conscious balance with nature. A good environment brings along good viruses that will win since they are on the same frequency as nature’s program, like the upper force of bestowal.
From KabTV’s “New Life #81 – Health: Infectious Diseases, Viruses, And Bacteria,” 10/10/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/4/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Perception of One Reality, One Single Force” (Preparation for the Convention)

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 6, Part 16,  Item 123

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Shofar”

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