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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The goal of creation is adhesion with the Creator.
For that we must attain correction of creation—desire for connection, bestowal, in the aspiration “faith-bestowal above reason—reception.”
This is called the head, Head of the year,
That’s how we want our development to be.

If one goes above reason, he has no questions, or rather he doesn’t want to answer the questions that arise rationally, inside reason.
He replies that the questions are correct and reasonable, but he goes above earthly knowledge, earthly logic, to attain higher, spiritual reason.

One feels empty and it’s deliberate, to raise the quality of bestowal.
Rimon (pomegranate) is from Romem—greatness of “bestowal above reception”: to the extent that egoism is emptied, egoistic desire becomes bestowing, it becomes a soul and is filled by revelation of the Creator.

If I wish to unite with the Creator, annul my I, adhere to the upper force, then I become a spiritual embryo. Everything comes from the upper one and I fully accept this, annulling myself fully, like an embryo in the womb. I thus enter another dimension, inside the upper degree.

The place where we make efforts to overcome mutual rejection and unite is precisely where we are able to reveal the Light, the Creator, just like any force is revealed only in something that opposes it. Work happens from the interaction of opposite forces.

A spiritual vessel is connection or its lack between people, when people try to reveal what’s concealed between them. Focus on the separation between us, if it’s restricting or expanding and how. There’s nothing to correct in the desires, but only in the connection between them.

Kabbalah study is realized only through people’s unity, since unity is a spiritual vessel. No one can become a spiritual vessel alone since he’s a fragment of the breaking. By studying Kabbalah separately from others, he won’t even understand how much he doesn’t feel the subject.

I can use my desire for others’ benefit if I fully terminate its realization and then revert to using it only for others’ sake. This means I went through a complete degree, detached from reception, in restriction, and now I can receive light again, this time for bestowal’s sake.

All creation is the Creator’s thought.
Creation is one that sees oneself as the Creator’s thought.
Thought is born only by confrontation of opposites that we can’t reconcile.
Problems are resolved not in the space between them, but by rising above them to the Creator’s thought.

Annulling to groups to gain connection with the Creator through them, I evoke Ohr Makif on me and feel its influence as a need to ask for the group. Gradually a spiritual-bestowing desire, Kli is born. It then develops in the 10 and between 10s in an increasingly larger circle of global Bnei Baruch.

Desires are creatures and the Creator is in the connection between them.

The main thing is our connection, while desires are up to the Creator. Everything depends on efforts to strengthen the connection, but we usually notice desires. Kabbalah shifts our focus from desires to connection between them.

… and between the Creator and the world in what’s called “MAD.

One must say: The whole world was created for me—and I’m created to correct it: to absorb its desires and pray for their correction and fulfillment, i.e., to be an intermediary between the world and the Creator. I will be an intermediary between the world and the Creator in “MAN.

By annulling to the group, I connect to the Creator that’s concealed in it and reveal desires and fillings in it that I currently don’t notice, disregard, and subconsciously reject. But as soon as I lower myself before the group, I discover and absorb them.

One must absorb the group’s desires and intentions the way a seed planted in soil absorbs all the nutrients from it to develop, or like a baby sucks the mother’s milk. I’m an egoist, but I can gain forces for spiritual growth only from the environment, by raising it above me.

By investing my efforts in the friends, I start desiring their ascent, ask the Creator (MAN, prayer of many) to help them. Once the group is “mine,” I perceive it as my own; I must make efforts as well, and then ask for other groups—till the whole world group, the Soul of Adam.

The upper reality is revealed by request (prayer) and gratitude. These 2 types of appeals connect one to the Creator: a plea for the ability to come closer by equivalence of form, be similar to the Creator (Adam from Domeh – similar). Gratitude is a condition for egoism’s correction.

But our love to the friend must be greater than to the Creator—now that’s hard!

My attitude to the friend is more important than to the Creator since I correct my ego in it. The ego doesn’t object to loving the Creator since everything depends on Him.
If the friend is an intermediary to the Creator, I can accept that.

… allowing us to attain His entire plan by developing the thought.

All that exists is the Creator’s thought. In it, other thoughts are born—thus the Creator “creates” the creatures, develops their awareness and desires. Detaching one’s thought from Him means feeling that thought as “I” against Him ….

But my gene determines everything!

I must realize that my only personal asset is my original Reshimo, gene, point in the heart.
I absorb all the soul’s desires from the group, lowering myself to it.
I receive all the soul’s fillings from the Creator, in desires received from the group.

People in Israel are very disturbed since the murder in #Barkan, a place where Jews and Arabs coexist in peace. I’d like to remind that Jews are an assembly of humanity and must unite, which will then be realized in humanity. They determine ALL world history, for better or for worse.

By uniting, they produce a soul 620 greater than Adam 1.

The breaking of the soul Adam 1 gave rise to detached points (genes, points in the heart), each separated from others by ego and building a particular soul around it—connection with all the points. Thus instead of points, we get particular souls.

We are starting to build the Last Generation, to create all of humanity as a group. Before we existed as groups across the world, connected by technology. But now we want to build a spiritual connection—become a common spiritual vessel in which the Creator will be revealed.

Man cannot develop unconsciously, mechanically. Unlike animals, he must understand the process and take part in it consciously, even if it’s out of despair—and freewill comes later.
The very fact of belonging to the human species requires every person to attain the Creator.

Baal HaSulam (TES): All reality, the upper and lower, till the general final correction, was created by 1 thought. 1 thought operates in everything. It’s the essence of all acts and determines the goal and essence of all efforts. It’s the ultimate perfection and the awaited reward.

We’re in the plan of creation, the Creator’s thought. With His thought He births us and leads us through all states-thoughts to awareness, understanding, desire. We start understanding ourselves and then Him. We attain His thought from beginning to end, and vice-versa.

Thought comes from and develops out of confrontation of opposite desires and efforts to reconcile them. The more contradictions, the wiser we are.
Kabbalah says we should love contradictions and resolve them by correcting our interconnection, where opposites complement one another.

Inasmuch as we restrict EGO-desires, we start feeling the Creator,
And if we make EGO similar to the Creator, we adhere to Him
by equivalence of form, rising up the degrees of equivalence.
So we need 2 actions:
annul the EGO (restriction Tzimtzum Aleph – the first restriction)
equate it to the Creator (Ohr Hozer).

In them the Creator will be revealed and we’ll unite with Him in one thought.

Egoistic desire is opposite to the Creator. It’s hard to agree with Him in the thought of creation. We must constantly and in advance demand His help to rise above reason, to intention LISHMA, gaining new desires aimed at bestowal.

#Hebrew is better suited than any other language for expressing Kabbalah.
It was born with Kabbalah’s revelation to people, and its inscription, grammar, word-formation, meaning and pronunciation—all come from spiritual laws and are suited to explain connection with the Creator.

This past weekend hundreds of students from the online Kabbalah university gathered at a retreat in Pennsylvania. They came there from all over North America. They say that the force of connection at the gathering was enormous and unforgettable.
#retreat #unity

From Twitter, 10/9/18

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Genuine And Imaginary Governance

laitman_290We see reality from within ourselves, being inside the Creator, inside the upper force, besides which there is nothing. We exist in such a reality, wrapped in the shell of our egoism, through which we see some other forms and images instead of the Creator—an imaginary reality, a vanishing, illusory world.

We must try to neutralize this obscuring screen that confuses us by representing that we see a big world within which there are movements, actions, inanimate, plant and animal life, people.

If true perception is revealed to us, then we will see true governance—one force acting in the entire universe, good that does good. Other than it, we find an external, fake management, designed to confuse us. After all, when we make efforts to try to uncover the true governance, we see various possibilities to circumvent this deception and see the truth behind it, to break through the barriers that stand in the way and find out that all this is made by the Creator, by a single good force and nothing else.

Not only does the upper force work around us, creating various images, barriers between itself and us, an entire world of its concealment. It also exists inside of us, shaping all our thoughts, desires, and even the fact that I am talking about it right now, not realizing that it is orchestrated by the Creator.

We need to imagine, discover, and begin to live in this feeling until we completely identify ourselves with the Creator. All disturbances should be perceived as help for us to see the Creator acting in reality: both inside and outside myself. “They helped every one his friend” is to find oneself inside the upper force, to try discover it at every second and realize that all our thoughts, desires, and sensations come from no other source but the Creator.

The beginning of this revelation is called a “spiritual embryo.” A person annuls himself, discovering that everything stems from a single source that he exists in, like in a mother’s womb. Nothing else exists.

As soon as we reach this state, disturbances immediately appear. By overcoming them and relating everything only to the Creator, we start advancing through the “nine months of pregnancy.” This is how we continue until the very end of correction. Throughout 6,000 years, the uncorrected desire has been awakening inside us. By correcting it, we reveal the Creator. Eventually, we reach the end of correction, establishing in all our senses that “There is none else besides Him.”1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/18, Lesson on the Topic “Perception of One Reality, One Single Force” (Preparation for the Convention)
1 Minute 5:45

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Applied Scientists And Researchers

laitman_963.8Question: The purpose of creation is to delight the created beings, to delight man. This is where the starting point of spiritual work begins. Why is it so important to remember this in order to advance?

Answer: You must understand that the group is more important to the Creator than you are, that your mission is to push them, to bring them to adhesion with the Creator. Like any researcher, you have to enter the unknown. Make the work in a group your goal and everything will appear in front of your eyes.

To an ordinary person, everything is seemingly clear. He plays with toys like a child. While nothing is clear to us, we constantly reveal greater depths, hollow spaces in us, as a result of our scrutinies, and thus try to unravel the creation, its essence, its system and forces. This is the highest level of work.

There are two kinds of scientists: applied scientists and researchers. Applied scientists know the laws and tries to apply them in various fields. They do great work that is useful to humanity, but they don’t venture into the unknown. However, this is precisely where the greatest human work lies, the utmost state a scientist can be in.

How did all the great minds like Einstein and Newton make discoveries? They did not know what they were about to discover until, as it says, “an apple falls on your head.”

When we come to such a state through our own efforts where we receive a “blow on the head,” and then everything opens up.
From the TV program “The Last Generation,” 3/22/18

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Soul – One For All And Each Has Their Own

Laitman_177.13Question: What parts is a spiritual object called “a soul” comprised of? Is it permanent or subject to change?

Answer: The soul consists of ten Sefirot. It constantly changes depending on a person’s work on himself. But there are always ten parts connected in a single integral system, and it is everything.

The soul is one for all or each one has his own, just as our world is one for all and each one has his own. But what we perceive in our egoism is called “our world,” “this world,” and what we perceive in the property of bestowal, and maybe even love, exiting our egoism, is called “spiritual world” or “soul.”

Question: Is the soul and the upper world the same?

Answer: The feeling of the upper world is called the “soul” or the “ten Sefirot.” The ten Sefirot are the skeleton of the soul.

The word “Sefira” comes from the word “luminous” (Sapir). It is a point that was egoistic and became bestowing, altruistic. Therefore, it glows.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/10/18

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New Life 1046 – The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Science

New Life 1046 – The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Science
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the root of all sciences. It is the study of the whole world and provides us with tools to explore all of reality, independent of the viewer. Our inner structure determines what we see as reality. In normal research, a person investigates the world through the five senses and other instruments that expand the range of his egoistic perception. This type of scientific study is based on the desire to receive. The wisdom of Kabbalah, however, approaches study from a new vantage point, namely, the desire to bestow. We perceive the power of bestowal or “nature” according to the degree of our inner development of the desire to bestow. In other words, in order to explore the power of bestowal, a person has to build within himself a force of bestowal, similar to the one found in nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1046 – The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Science,” 8/14/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/9/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Perceiving the Upper Reality Through Good and Evil” (Preparation for the Convention)

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Questions and answers with Dr. Michael Laitman

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