Genuine And Imaginary Governance

laitman_290We see reality from within ourselves, being inside the Creator, inside the upper force, besides which there is nothing. We exist in such a reality, wrapped in the shell of our egoism, through which we see some other forms and images instead of the Creator—an imaginary reality, a vanishing, illusory world.

We must try to neutralize this obscuring screen that confuses us by representing that we see a big world within which there are movements, actions, inanimate, plant and animal life, people.

If true perception is revealed to us, then we will see true governance—one force acting in the entire universe, good that does good. Other than it, we find an external, fake management, designed to confuse us. After all, when we make efforts to try to uncover the true governance, we see various possibilities to circumvent this deception and see the truth behind it, to break through the barriers that stand in the way and find out that all this is made by the Creator, by a single good force and nothing else.

Not only does the upper force work around us, creating various images, barriers between itself and us, an entire world of its concealment. It also exists inside of us, shaping all our thoughts, desires, and even the fact that I am talking about it right now, not realizing that it is orchestrated by the Creator.

We need to imagine, discover, and begin to live in this feeling until we completely identify ourselves with the Creator. All disturbances should be perceived as help for us to see the Creator acting in reality: both inside and outside myself. “They helped every one his friend” is to find oneself inside the upper force, to try discover it at every second and realize that all our thoughts, desires, and sensations come from no other source but the Creator.

The beginning of this revelation is called a “spiritual embryo.” A person annuls himself, discovering that everything stems from a single source that he exists in, like in a mother’s womb. Nothing else exists.

As soon as we reach this state, disturbances immediately appear. By overcoming them and relating everything only to the Creator, we start advancing through the “nine months of pregnancy.” This is how we continue until the very end of correction. Throughout 6,000 years, the uncorrected desire has been awakening inside us. By correcting it, we reveal the Creator. Eventually, we reach the end of correction, establishing in all our senses that “There is none else besides Him.”1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/18, Lesson on the Topic “Perception of One Reality, One Single Force” (Preparation for the Convention)
1 Minute 5:45

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