Applied Scientists And Researchers

laitman_963.8Question: The purpose of creation is to delight the created beings, to delight man. This is where the starting point of spiritual work begins. Why is it so important to remember this in order to advance?

Answer: You must understand that the group is more important to the Creator than you are, that your mission is to push them, to bring them to adhesion with the Creator. Like any researcher, you have to enter the unknown. Make the work in a group your goal and everything will appear in front of your eyes.

To an ordinary person, everything is seemingly clear. He plays with toys like a child. While nothing is clear to us, we constantly reveal greater depths, hollow spaces in us, as a result of our scrutinies, and thus try to unravel the creation, its essence, its system and forces. This is the highest level of work.

There are two kinds of scientists: applied scientists and researchers. Applied scientists know the laws and tries to apply them in various fields. They do great work that is useful to humanity, but they don’t venture into the unknown. However, this is precisely where the greatest human work lies, the utmost state a scientist can be in.

How did all the great minds like Einstein and Newton make discoveries? They did not know what they were about to discover until, as it says, “an apple falls on your head.”

When we come to such a state through our own efforts where we receive a “blow on the head,” and then everything opens up.
From the TV program “The Last Generation,” 3/22/18

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