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If one sees the friends as above him in understanding or action, nature obligates him to rise higher than his inherent nature. Thus, with no great aspirations by nature, one gains new forces by envy.
Thus there are inherited qualities and those acquired by envy in the group.

Every time that we unite more, we feel and understand more. Revelation happens only as a result of greater unification, step-by-step: unification-revelation, unification-revelation and etc. These notions relate to feelings—reason comes later, in order to analyze the sensations.

We go from studying texts, knowledge, to building the soul’s Kli, connections between us. We usually study and the study brings sensations. Now it’s opposite: we expand perception, sensation, to reveal reality in it. This is true advancement, since “it’s not the wise that learns.”

The detector for perceiving the Creator is built only upon the connection between us. The Creator arranged our initial state, where we exist in isolation and opposition to one another. Kabbalists teach us how to build a connection between us in which we will perceive the Creator.

Music has a quality capable of expressing connections between opposites. Musical harmony is similar to nature’s perfection. That’s why music raises us up.
All of nature makes music… music can heal…
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The Wall Street International Magazine published an article by my student Manuel Marín Oconitrillo—a tenor, writer, and member of the Cologne Opera in Germany—about Kabbalist music, “The Melody of Infinity.”
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Baal HaSulam’s students create a new inner perception, an instrument of upper providence, a 6th sense. They feel the melodies of the upper worlds differently. The seemingly simple music of the spiritual worlds brings up deep layers in man of new upper sensations and attainments.

When you work in two lines: with the help of the line of feelings, you expand your reason, and reason helps you recognize the new feelings that arise in you.
Both lines become one, helping you start to feel the upper providence.
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One must detach from one’s ego and what it did to us in our world, deforming us, and rise above the ego, attempting to live in a completely different dimension: in bestowal, love and good interconnection. Then we’ll feel the melodies of the upper world in a completely different way.
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