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A Kabbalist feels nature at its finer degrees, where signals and forces of governance form and then descend to the degree of this world, operating in the still, vegetative, animate, and human matter, forming our thoughts and our desires.

If a person advances in spiritual attainment, meaning in the sensation of the system of governance of our world and how he enters, feels, attains and adapts to it, and starts interacting with it, then immediately a dialogue of senses and reason arises.

Spiritual teachers, who advanced side by side with humanity, used their own methods to express spiritual attainment: songs of the real soul—the soul not in the sense of our earthly experiences, but experiences of revealing a higher state, the upper world.

Melodies composed by Kabbalists might sound like they are sad, in minor, but that’s completely not true. They come from a passionate desire, adhesion, joy and devotion. Try singing and experiencing them in precisely this way.
From Twitter, 10/5/18

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