You Are The Only One Responsible For Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does it say that all of Israel are responsible for one another?

Answer: If I am the only person in the world who determines the state of our general vessel, then of course everything depends on me.

Question: However, I am not alone in this game. The others also influence it, and there is the society!

Answer: The society also depends on me, everything depends on me. All the seven billion people are in a fixed state and I am the only one who is changing and who determines everything. I am the only one responsible for those who can act freely, but all the others do nothing.

I speak with the Creator and am responsible for them before Him, for better and for worse! If He has any complaints with them, he should talk to me. This is called mutual guarantee.

Mutual guarantee means that I am responsible for everyone. There is nothing I can ask them to do. I am responsible for everything that they do.

Start thinking from this point and don’t think that it is imaginary. It is really so. You actually are responsible for everyone.

When you listen to the news and see what happens on the streets, or when you hear the complaints of the friends who cannot reach a spiritual level to correct themselves, to connect among them, then you should know that, from this moment onward, everything is in your hands. You are responsible for everything.

You create and make everything that is good and everything that is bad, both in corporeal life and in spiritual life. The others are not responsible for what they do. They are passive participants. They don’t determine anything. You are the only who determines how the Creator will relate to them. They encounter hurricanes, tsunamis, wars, and disasters, and who is to blame? You!

All of Israel are responsible for one another, but everyone is responsible for his own attributes and for what happens to the world with regard to it. Everyone is responsible for the wellbeing of the society and the wellbeing of the world.

Don’t say that you depend on others. You must reach the state in which you determine that the entire world is in a state of absolute goodness.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/14,Writings of Baal HaSulam

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