My Thoughts On Twitter 10/26/18

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Entry into the spiritual world, crossing the Machsom, is a special stage. It’s like the eye of a needle that one squeezes into. I must restrict myself to a state of wanting only spirituality, bestowal to friends. With this desire I can pass through the needle’s eye into the upper world

The main thing about the Guarantee is to start feeling a need for mutual action.

Mutual Guarantee is mutual support of friends in the group to evoke the general light of correction OM (Ohr Makif) from the center of the group.
Together we sprinkle ourselves with the life-giving rain of Hassadim and each other’s example.

At the World Film Fair in New York—a major event in the film industry held in October 2018, the movie The Social Network in the Age of the Third Reich by my student Michael Rozenshtein, was awarded Honorary Laurels.

From Twitter, 10/26/18

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