My Thoughts On Twitter 10/21/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Isra-el (those aspiring to the Creator) is an example of mankind’s organization in proper relations with each other and with Nature, the Creator. Thus the Creator, the upper governing force, will be revealed to all. Mankind will understand the purpose of life and its true form.

A critical approach is possible only against yourself, by checking whether I’ve been bribed, whether I’m dependent. It’s working with myself rather than with someone else.
Critical thinking is based on rising above one’s ego, against oneself. The “I” remains, but you exist above it.

Crisis isn’t breakage of the world, but breakage of its deceptive, shiny shell, from which new life is born like from an egg— a new world, existing not by earthly laws of a shell – Klipa, but by eternal laws of Nature, laws of bestowal and love. Crisis means birth of the new!
From Twitter, 10/21/18

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