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Evil is our great helper since only out of evil can we need good and appeal to good.
Hence, there’s no good that doesn’t come from evil, and in that good, the Creator’s greatness is raised. Being the great egoists that we are, we remember the Creator only when we feel bad.

The Creator made us as an imprint of Himself, like a seal and its imprint.
We gradually develop in that imprint until we start to feel opposite to the light, Creator. Then we’ll be ready to “exterminate” the qualities opposite to the Creator, rising above them in equivalence to Him.

The Creator’s main quality is his singularity, universality, “There’s none else besides Him.” Hence He can be revealed from the quality opposite to Him—the lack of a single upper force in everything that happens. It’s precisely from this state that we aspire to His revelation.

A child doesn’t worry about anything because he feels the mother’s absolute care, and therefore feels no need to worry about himself. Thus, by caring for others, we neutralize their egoistic desires and thoughts of self. That’s how the principle of mutual guarantee (Arvut) works.

Thoughts aren’t yours—they’re sent to you. Desires aren’t yours—they’re awoken in you. Decisions aren’t yours—they’re made for you. Actions aren’t yours. Everything passes through me and goes somewhere. I’m inside the Creator’s system. When I nullify like an embryo, I feel Him.

We usually perform actions with the intention of receiving rewards in this world or the next world. In Kabbalah we perform actions with the intention to bestow—in spite of the desire, not for a reward, beyond connection to self, i.e., faith—bestowal above reason—reception

…… one should care only about one’s own country, which is what #Trump is suggesting.

International processes are now unmanageable. Nations are annoyed by the elites’ global aspirations since it diverts them from governing their own countries. Conclusion: focus on yourself instead of “correcting” the world ….

Kabbalah is a wisdom about a new attitude to reality where we accept that reality depends not on our reason/feelings, but on perceiving the quality of bestowal instead of our egoism. It’s seeing reality the way it’s seen by the upper force, which bestows upon us.
From Twitter, 10/14/18

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