My Thoughts On Twitter 10/10/18

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We must fulfill our function in the world: push ourselves away from the enemy, create conditions for raising our nation in the spirit of “Love your neighbor as yourself” and thus show all the nations of the world a good future.
#Israel #israeli

Also advise about songs, etc.

I’m waiting for you to send powerful excerpts from Baal HaSulam and Rabash writings that have touched you, so we go over them together at lessons and congress. We need material that will push all of us to one common group because the Creator is concealed in it.

25 years ago a “peaceful” declaration was signed in Oslo between Israel and the #UN.
It was a compulsory “agreement” forced upon Israel. I’m sure they’ll wish to force such “agreements” on us in the future too. And that’s when Israel must firmly say, “No!”
#Israel #Oslo #Israeli
From Twitter, 10/10/18

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