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laitman_269The Creator created one HaVaYaH system and then He broke it in order to give the created beings an opportunity to come closer to Him, and it was divided into many individual systems. After all, in order to attain the essence of the Creator, His qualities, character, behavior, bestowal, and His attitude to us, we must gradually reveal Him from the easier things to more and more complex ones.

The first HaVaYaH is just a point and then it grows: Ibur, Yenika, and Mochin. This is the end of the realization of the first HaVaYaH, and then the second one starts, which means that the first HaVaYaH is doubled so that we could feel the Creator better. There is already a need for mutual connection between the Creator and the created being: the whole system begins to grow from the drop of semen.

The Creator always conceals Himself and burdens our heart, and we must overcome this and discover that the Creator is behind everything. Each time those individual HaVaYaH systems (tens) connect more and more and gather into one single HaVaYaH.

The universe was born from a single spark in the Big Bang, and expanded from there in every direction. Now, pieces of this HaVaYaH return from all these directions and re-connect together. In fact, this separation exists only in relation to us, and we learn how to connect the infinite number of parts into one principle, “There is none else besides Him.”

We see that the more our world advances, the more all its systems, manufacturing, and sciences become connected. The wisdom of Kabbalah clearly reveals all the evidence that nothing else exists other than one HaVaYaH.

It is as if in this world we abstract from matter and its behavior at different levels that are studied by physics, chemistry, biology, zoology and consider only the laws themselves, then we have mathematics that describe formulas of relations between all parts, all desires.

No matter at what level these parts connect—at the inanimate, vegetative, animate, or even the speaking level, in the mind and in the heart—the same formulas operate everywhere. And therefore, after many searches we begin to see how it all gathers into one ten.

We need to think about it even now and try to treat the entire creation as one ten. For the Creator there is no difference between far and near—for Him everyone is equal and all connect into one whole. We also need to try and relate to the created being in the same way, to become more sensitive to the friends who are far, who are not in the same room, country, or continent.

They are all included in the vessel of the soul. For me all the points in the heart that the Creator chose and pulls to Himself are inseparable from myself like my own soul, or even more important. In this way all will unite into one ten. 1

The correction happens from light to heavy, therefore the lightest desires are selected first: 2,000 years + 2,000 years + 2,000 years (HBD – HGT – NHY). The first generations relatively easily attained the Torah and corrections because they were less egoistic and did not require many years of hard work for this.

However, it is we, the most egoistic ones who reveal the greatest Light, although it manifests in their light desires. Then all this gets rounded into one ten, but for now we do the work and are in the darkness, and the Light is manifested in the Kelim (vessels) of the forefathers.

We are called “the last generation” for a good reason. We indeed belong to the very last desires, coarsest and heaviest desires included in correction. However, we need to be proud that we were given an opportunity to draw the greatest Light to the Kelim of the forefathers.

We need to understand that we are doing a great job, even though it seems minuscule to us, and through this we draw the great Light, which is absolutely invisible to us, because it is revealed in the Kelim above us. Where can we get motivation for the work if we do not have connection with the degree of forefathers where the Light is revealed through our efforts?

This is a problem, and therefore, we just need to continue “as an ox to the burden and as a donkey to the load” until everything connects into one ten, at least approximately, so that illumination from the upper degree will reach our lowest ten. This doesn’t happen all at once. There are ten Sefirot of the direct Light, ten Sefirot of the reflected Light, and in each Sefira there are ten Sefirot horizontally, and so on.

It will take a very long time until all these Sefirot spread from above downward and through them, corrected before us, the weakest Light of Nefesh will flow to us. It was much easier to reach spirituality in their time. Therefore they are called fathers, and we are called sons, the last generation. 2

The Tragedy in the Arava Desert

Everyone should try to see and feel that this loss happened in your own family, to your child. Then we will understand how far we are from being connected. After all, when we found out about the tragedy we were upset and worried, but we nevertheless went to sleep and had breakfast in the morning as usual. This is not at all the grief that has now befallen the families of the teenagers who lost their lives. But why don’t we feel exactly the same way? We are not connected enough, because, in fact, everyone should feel such grief as if he lost his own child.

All the tragedies in the world happen because the Creator needs to be revealed when the time has come for this, but we do not reveal Him. This is the suffering.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/27/18, Lesson on Topic: “Connecting the Whole World to a Single Ten” (Preparation for the Convention “All As One” in New Jersey 2018)
1 Minutes 0:30-9:15
2 Minute 11:45
3 Minute 63:30

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