The Unification Of HaVaYaH – Elokim

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Igrot (Letters), Letter 16,The Unification of HaVaYaH Elokim”: HaVaYaH means private Providence, where the Creator is everything, and He does not need dwellers of material houses to help him. Elokim in Gematria is HaTeva [Nature], where man behaves according to the nature that He instilled in the systems of the corporeal heaven and earth, and he keeps those rules as do the rest of the corporeal beings. And yet, he also believes in HaVaYaH, meaning in private Providence.

By that, he unites them with one another, and “they became as one in his hand,” and thus he brings great contentment to his Maker, and brings illumination to all the worlds.

This is the meaning of the three discernments—commandment, transgression, and permission. The commandment is the place of holiness, the transgression is the place of the Sitra Achra, and permission is neither a commandment nor a transgression. Rather, it is the place over which the holiness and the Sitra Achra fight.

When a person does permitted things but does not dedicate them to the holiness, that entire place falls into the domain of the Sitra Achra. And when a person grows stronger and engages in permitted things to make unifications as much as he can, he returns the permission into the domain of holiness.

This is our work. This was the goal of creation: to create a human being who will become similar to the Upper force. As they develop, the created beings approach the state when they begin to have an opportunity of freedom of choice, everyone in his time. If a person comes to this threshold, beyond which he is supposed to get freedom of will, then the Creator brings him to a group and puts his hand on good fortune, saying: “Take it!”

If the person accepts it, that is, wants through the environment to turn himself in the direction of the Upper force, matching its properties, agreeing with it and justifying it, meaning adherence to the Creator, then he gradually begins to reveal his evil. Evil is a special property, the force that is revealed in a person against his approach to the Creator. Practically, it’s expressed in rejection, which he feels with respect to the environment, in reluctance to get closer to it.

The force that acts against the Creator, called “Pharaoh,” is revealed. All villains and sinners described in the Torah are in essence one force, supposedly fighting against the Creator. But of course all these sinners are awakened by Him because “There is none else besides Him.” In various ways, they all repel a person from holiness, that is, adhesion with the Creator, from obtaining the force of bestowal and love for friends, through which we would reach love for the Creator, the similarity of properties.

The states that reveal to a person that his nature is infinitely removed from the Creator and opposite to bestowal and love are called transgressions. If he overcomes them and uses them to get closer to the Creator through the environment, studies, and the Light that Reforms, this is called a commandment.

The opportunity to choose how to deal with the exposed evil, to correct it or not, is called the area of freewill. There are people who have reached the level of development that these states are revealed in them: a commandment, transgression, and the place of freedom of choice. This can belong to the period of preparation as well as directly to the practical spiritual work.

If a person works on the other side of the border of the spiritual world (the Machsom), then by revealing his evil, he feels the force, opposite to the Creator, and starts working with these forces in practice. The Creator manifests His management as absolutely good both for sinners and the righteous. This power of bestowal and love is opposite the person, as a model.

When it disappears, the person needs to get this example of management from the group. By various contrivances, he needs, with the help of the group, to become similar to this management, which is called Elokim. Malchut that attains the property of Bina is called Elokim.

HaVaYaH is the Light of Hochma, clothed in the Light of Hassadim, in Elokim. Thus, we achieve unity of HaVaYaH – Elokim, clothing of the Light of Hochma in the Light of Bina, Hochma in Hassadim. The person who has raised his desire, Malchut, to the degree of Bina, to holiness, the property of bestowal, can get the entire Light of Hochma. The Creator is revealed in this vessel, which the person corrected to bestowal. Thus HaVaYaH unites with Elokim.

In this one sentence “the unification of HaVaYaH – Elokim” is our whole work, the entire reality and the goal of development, the end of correction. This is a miracle how the cause of creation, the entire process of its development and the final result fits in this short Kabbalistic formula.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/13

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