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Our world is in the force of reception, the quality of receiving for oneself
The upper world is in the force of bestowal, giving to others
The wisdom of Kabbalah must give our world the ability to rise to the upper world. This is attained by people’s unity-humanity’s next degree.

When a contradiction arises in our world, we look for a conciliatory compromise. But in spirituality we don’t: the more we advance, the greater is the contradiction between matter and matter’s form, desires to receive and bestow, egoism and spirituality, screen and light.

You can add to the group whatever you want it to add to you. Until you understand that it lacks trepidation and love for the Creator, you won’t be able to add these qualities to it.
If you want greatness of the goal, you want greatness in the Kli. Then you can add it to the group.

The next spiritual degree is above my understanding, in spite of it. This was commanded to Abraham: 1. Isaac is your continuation; 2. Kill him. Both acts can’t be observed. But on the next spiritual degree, they complement each other and form one truth, “faith above reason.”

Arvut is when I think about spirituality and want others to think about the same goal. If they won’t think about it, I also won’t be able to hold on to the goal and will get distracted. I won’t have a connecting network in my soul, in 10 Sefirot, that will hold me inside it.

Wall Street International #Magazine (@WSImagazine_EN) published an article by my student about #melodies in Kabbalistic music, the benefit of silence and pauses in music and life for every one of us.

That is why spiritual work happens by faith above reason, above animate reason, built upon untraditional, opposite qualities. A person consists of two forms: human and animate. One must go by faith above reason, accepting, saddling his beast.

Entry into the spiritual world is based upon unity of mutually exclusive qualities, which together form one spiritual quality in every state, and thus lead to the goal. They do not annul one another; their single spiritual state is built above their contradiction.

Spiritual money equals truth. The more spiritual wealth (qualities) I have, the more I’m right. Spiritual money is bestowal, love, connection with others. The more of it I have, the closer I am to truth, greater connection with the Creator. A screen is money, bestowal, reward.

… and sensical in the quality of bestowal.

One who can tolerate such a split builds entry into the spiritual degree above it.
Example: the Creator said to Abraham: your continuation is in Isaac and sacrifice him. It sounds like a mutually exclusive act, but above this degree it becomes real …

Me: Nature is the Creator, while God was invented by you.

Stephen Hawking’s final book, published yesterday:
“There is no God. No one directs the universe,” he writes in “Brief Answers to the Big Questions.” … “I prefer to think that everything can be explained another way, by the laws of nature.”

Money (Kesef in Hebrew from the word “Kisuf” – covering) is a screen covering my egoism, the degree of bestowal to others.

Money is the degree of one’s efforts, aspiration, importance.
One must always measure the degree of connection.
Money is a general equivalent of human desires, i.e., the measure of everything.

If you “sell yourself” to the goals of our world, use your energy and abilities to attain goals in our world more than your vital necessities, replacing the soul’s correction with that, you “sell your soul to the devil/satan.” Satan is from the verb “Listot” – veer off the path.

In my growing love for the friend, I see that he “becomes corrected,” more pleasant and kinder, as is written, “love will cover all sins.” At the same time, I will continue seeing his bad attitude, while wrapping him in love, until I reveal that everything is set up by the Creator.

The friends’ behavior is an expression of my qualities that I must correct. It therefore doesn’t matter what I feel from them, or from the whole world. I must correct myself so I’ll perceive each friend as a comrade toward the goal of creation, nurturing love for him within me.

I must work on my love of friends regardless of how the friends act toward me. They are sent to me by the Creator, who arranges the picture of the world for me. I must accept this picture, understanding that I’m seeing not the friends, but “my reverse self.”

All of creation’s corrections lie in unity.
By aspiring to unity and making room for the Creator to be revealed by equivalence of our form to Him, we fulfill our mission. Thus, the world Bnei Baruch group is the front-line pioneers, to be followed by many other parts of the soul of Adam.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, a pause is creation of a Kli (vessel, deficiency).
I can’t hear silence properly if it wasn’t preceded by a pause originating from a special sound.
Silence is the note I am now hearing…
That’s how we feel the message transmitted to us by the melody.

#France has come to resemble a third-world country. Mass immigration has dehumanized French cities, which are overrun by drug dealers and Islamists. The authorities are not changing their policy, despite the forthcoming outburst of popular nationalism!
From Twitter, 10/17/18

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