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When one elevates the aspiration for bestowal, he enters exile and sees how far away he is from the quality of bestowal. A realization arises of the lack of desires to bestow, which the Creator then corrects and fills.

To acquire a Soul (Land of Israel), one must acquire its great desires in exile (Egypt) and then correct them—only then does one merit filling them with upper light, the Creator’s revelation.

Only after coming out of egoism, “for one’s sake,” Egypt, can a person study Torah, how to act in bestowal for the Creator’s sake. Since under egoism’s power, he works for Pharaoh, egoism, and cannot belong to the Creator.
Hence the main event in spiritual development is exit from egoism.

One must believe that all disturbances are from above, in order to make room for attempts to turn to the Creator with a request to replace the will to receive with the will to bestow.
Egoism, the Creator’s envoy, awakens us.
Only when one becomes convinced that redemption lies in acting for the Creator’s sake, does he turn to the Creator for the will to bestow.

The only way to move from the still to the vegetative level is through unity in the ten. Each one of us is still, but if we influence each other correctly, we can become a plant. Nine friends with the force of the Creator work on each person in the ten as if the Creator is working on us.

Our job is to want to leave the still level, reach the Master of the program, change His decision—force Him to manage us differently. The only way to change something in oneself is by turning to the Creator, forcing Him to change us, as it’s written: “My sons have defeated Me.”

The whole program of our behavior is embedded in us by the Creator, and we feel it as our nature. In order to feel it separately from ourselves, imposed on us, we must try to break free from it, act in the the opposite way— the way of bestowal and unity.
Then we feel the essence of our program—egoism.
From Twitter, 4/13/19

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