Single Source Of All Thoughts And Feelings

laitman_289Question: What does it mean to think and analyze? Should I just sit and think that I want to attain spirituality? Or does this imply my actions toward the friends?

Answer: The action is very simple: all my thoughts and feelings should have one basis—the Creator. He creates, enlivens, and places everything that I think and feel in me. Whatever happens to me, whatever manifests in me, the Creator does it all.

Therefore, it is advisable to constantly be in the thought that “there is none else besides Him.” If I aspire to the same thoughts and feelings of the friends and try to unite all our hearts and mind, then we connect all our efforts together into a single massive common effort, one big heart and one big head in which we want to feel the Creator as the source, as the root cause of our feelings and our mind.

If we, in such a way insistently demand that He reveal Himself to us as the cause of our thoughts and feelings, then we very quickly come to a state where, with the help of the upper light, the Creator begins to manifest in us.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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