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Malchut of the world of infinity feels shame from fulfillment. It performs Tzimtzum Aleph and attains the desire to bestow to the Creator. It then returns to reception of pleasures prepared for it, but this time does so with the intention “for the Creator’s sake” and hence without shame, with pride.

Nothing disappears in the world, only the more important picture is replaced with a less important one. If the Creator becomes more important than self, one forgets to think about himself and annuls before the Creator, all worries about himself disappear, and he enters pure bestowal.

Only by feeling one’s emptiness does one aspire to be filled by the Creator’s greatness and gains the force to not think about reception and attainment, but only about the opportunity of wholeheartedly, unrequitedly bestowing to the Creator. And this fulfills him completely.

At first, a man thinks that the upper world is “somewhere out there,” above or beyond the death of the body. And only upon considering the attainment of reality, he realizes that “everything is in him”—and if he replaces his desire to “receive” with the desire to “give,” he will begin to feel the upper world.

When egoism re-emerges and distracts you from the Creator, remember that these disturbances are from the Creator in order to strengthen your connection with Him—and ask Him to replace egoism with bestowal.
From Twitter, 4/11/19

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