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It is the obstacles of egoism (#Pharaoh) in man’s effort to reveal the Creator (quality of bestowal, unity, love), being opposite to the Creator, that a person is forced to start asking for help from the Creator, and thus brings himself out of exile in egoism (Egypt). #Passover

The entire effect of spiritual efforts lies in their accumulation. Then the result emerges. But in the midst of the process of accumulation, one feels emptiness and despair, and does not feel the accumulation. Only once in a while does one sense some understanding of the process. What matters most is patience along the path and the friends’ support!

Work in egoism against egoism in striving toward the Creator. The result is a growing emptiness. Until the group decides that their work should be in faith above knowledge—in the quality of complete bestowal and unity. And then they appeal to the Creator for help, and He takes them out of the power of egoism.

To rise to the degree of faith above knowledge means not to deny or reduce knowledge, but, on the contrary, to gain the opportunity to explore the spiritual world as well, the manifestation of the second force of nature—the power of bestowal, the expression of the Creator. So in addition to earth sciences, the science of Kabbalah is added.

The Temple, the Creator’s house, is in the center of the group (ten). The path to it is through increasing unity of friends, each person’s increasing bestowal to the group. This is contrary to our nature, but the friends’ support and example gives each one the forces to enter spirituality, the Creator’s House.

At first the study shows a person how far he is from the upper world of bestowal, the Creator. The study creates a desire for bestowal in him, a desire to come out of egoism’s rule. The realization of exodus happens only by the light’s action.

The need for a lengthy exit from egoism (exile) is that if one receives a small fulfillment, he will be satisfied with it and won’t wish for more, since spiritual fulfillment is eternal. Hence one must receive the whole desire, and then portion by portion, correct and fill it.

Work in Egypt, in attempts to come out of egoism, when you plunge into it again and again, brings one to total despair. But if one is aware that precisely this work gives the Creator joy, then the slave begins to feel joy too. Thus egoism’s slave comes out of slavery to freedom.

Light is revealed in the Kli only to the degree of the Kli’s equivalence with the light, in their equal desires for one another.
This is attained through man’s war with the qualities of egoism-reception, which are opposite to light-bestowal, until he changes, under the light’s influence, to similarity to the light—the intention to bestow.

The force (size) of the desire for spirituality is measured by the frequency of entries and exists into the yearning to acquire the will to bestow, i.e., by the shortness of breaks between exit and entry into the aspiration to attain the quality of bestowal.

Before desires are corrected for bestowal, the light shines only to the degree of correction of one’s desires. After one has attained the quality of bestowal, the light influences him in full force, in its greatness and in the complete sensation.
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