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After revealing the entire evil in egoism, if one hasn’t run away from advancing toward the goal, one merits seeing that there is no Pharaoh or servants, but the Creator Himself revealed the egoism in him so he would see his entire egoism and his separation from the Creator.
Only then does the Creator bring him closer.

It is precisely for those who wish to come out of egoism that the Creator reveals egoism’s evil so they see themselves as more and more immersed in egoism, which contradicts common sense. But if they advance towards the truth—revelation of the entire evil in egoism—the Creator helps them, and they reveal that He has always heard them.

Egoism rules over man only to the extent that he thinks that it is egoism and not the Creator who rules over him. But as soon as he realizes that “There’s none else besides Him,” and from both sides, evil and good, he is ruled by the Creator—he feels it as the light of redemption from his ego-nature.

The easiest and clearest way to rise in the world is to demonstrate hatred for Israel. By that one stands out and rises above others, in opposition to bestowal, unity (work for the Creator), and aspiring only toward the use of egoism, for one’s own sake (work for #Pharaoh).

Those who exert for the sake of reward, in this world or the world to come, do not need the Creator since they have forces and can do everything alone, without the Creator, to the degree of their faith in the reward. And they do not feel that they are in exile (from the quality of bestowal, from the Creator).

The realization and sensation in exile (from the quality of bestowal) is that one is unable to bestow to (please) the Creator since one feels that he receives everything from Him. This is what he regrets—and it is the beginning of his connection to spirituality.

Precisely after all the attempts to come out of egoism on one’s own does a person sense that he is in exile inside the ego—and realize that only the upper force can pull him out of egoism. Only then does a prayer to the Creator for help from the bottom of the heart start to be created in him.

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Despite understanding that only the Creator can pull me out of egoism, it’s difficult to turn to Him with this request—there’s no faith and no example that He helps. Besides, I’ve asked the Creator for help many times and it didn’t help.
Yet it is precisely this disappointment that we must overcome —and ask!
From Twitter, 4/17/18

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