Why Do Unpleasant Thoughts Appear?

laitman_232_02Question: How is it possible to control thoughts? Why do unpleasant thoughts appear?

Answer: Unpleasant thoughts intentionally appear within us so that we can easily move forward.

We have a small desire to receive on the animal level, a desire to feel comfortable at every moment in our lives. When unpleasant thoughts take us over, we want to be freed from them very much, and we do everything possible for this to happen.

The Creator, who sends us these types of thoughts, can manage our movement this way and move us forward.

If we shape the right thoughts within us – and what motivates us is yearning for the Creator through the group, through union, through love of friends – then there will not be any need to send us negative thoughts from above, and we move forward comfortably.

In a manner like this, we can supervise ourselves and constantly advance with the help of friends, study, and the like. That is how we move faster and faster, for speed is unlimited. Everything depends on us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/15/17

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