Compassion For Students

laitman_294.4Question: Does a Kabbalah teacher feel a feeling of compassion for people or for his students?

Answer: A teacher of Kabbalah experiences all feelings inherent in a person, only enlarged 620 times. To endure these tremendous sensations, he has appropriate tools. Even on a small degree, he experiences any sensation 620 times stronger than an ordinary person.

Question: What is compassion for students?

Answer: When the teacher sees how a student seeks to do something in spirituality, but fails and falls, and then tries again to rise and falls again, this causes compassion in the teacher because he cannot help the student. He must patiently wait. Of course, he helps the student in his own ways, but not at the level that the student feels this help.

I understood this very well from my own experience. I have been in very bad states. My teacher sympathized with me, but in no way did he help.

Only many years later did I realize that he helped me in a completely different way, regardless of whether I was suffering in front of him or not.

The fact is that suffering is felt in the general system and are not purely yours; it is the suffering of the whole system of the revelation of the Creator. This general suffering is what the teacher feels. The individual is not included there.

Understand that only your inclusion in the ten is felt in the spirituality. Therefore, just sitting alone and suffering does not help. The time lost is a pity. Quickly unite and connect your desires.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/2/2018

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