Feelings Of The Kabbalist

laitman_219_01Question: When do you, as a Kabbalist experience the strongest experiences?

Answer: When my students don’t understand the need to be committed to the movement. These, probably, are my most intense concerns, because everything else doesn’t matter.

Question: Do you feel this as a betrayal?

Answer: No, usually it is disregard. They don’t understand the importance of spiritual advancement.

Question: And what is your strongest positive feeling?

Answer: The feeling that my students can be together, that they gather together internally into one single desire, to which they are getting closer.

Question: Does it mean that these feelings don’t concern you personally, but your students, precisely those in whom you invested?

Answer: Personally, my intention is always directed to connection with the Creator, to chasing Him, when He is hiding from me and revealing Himself in the circumstances in which I make Him to reveal Himself. I don’t have problems with this. This is my constant work.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 01/29/17

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