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laitman_938.05Question: In what way do you as a Kabbalist adapt yourself to the students and the group? How do you interconnect and annul yourself?

Answer: And how do we adapt ourselves to newborns and children as they grow up and become more and more adult? They do not adapt to us, but we always adapt to them. They say that a small child is the head of the family because the family exists for him.

Why do I need a group: for them to serve me or for me to serve them? I must raise the students to the next level.

Question: Do you, as a teacher, clearly see if the group, the students, perceive you correctly?

Answer: I keep my students in myself like “a hen on eggs.” I fill them, control them, keep them on a short leash, cause certain reactions, certain influences, monitor their reaction, and in accordance with this, I change myself—not them. In Kabbalah, the teacher must adapt to the students more than the students do to the teacher.

Question: When you hold students within you, do you keep contact with them through the Creator or are they inside your spiritual Partzuf like a child in the womb?

Answer: This means in the Creator because the system called “womb” in which I carry my students is the Creator in me. Only in Him are the next souls born.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/1/18

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