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My Thoughts On Twitter 8/20/18

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One’s #1 request to the Creator is for help to go by faith above reason, joyfully, as if one has attained the quality of bestowal. Though the Ego doesn’t agree, ask the Creator not to feel His greatness to bestow in joy, but rather to receive joy in bestowal, as if one has reason

The Jewish nation lasted not only for 3 generations, but for 2,000 years in exile despite all geopolitical laws. The Jewish nation’s prolonged existence and others’ hatred toward it make it an irrational thing.
Question: Where does this irrational hatred come from?

Spiritual life begins from the state of “Embryo,” like the conception of life in our world. If one strives to annul one’s opinion, REASON, and adopt the Kabbalist’s opinion, FAITH ABOVE REASON, he becomes like an embryo—deaf and blind… and then he’s born!

Attraction and repulsion –
Opposite forces –
Give birth to reason and freedom
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From Twitter, 8/20/18

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The Simplicity Of A Kabbalist

Laitman_198Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: People imagine that a person who has contact with the Creator is a person … nature, and that they should fear speaking to Him, much less be in His immediate vicinity. It is human nature to fear anything outside the nature of creation. People are also afraid of anything uncommon, such as thunder and loud noises.

People commonly believed that you experienced a certain anxiety when near a Kabbalist. I remember when I was started studying Kabbalah and began driving from Rehovot to Jerusalem to the Kabbalist named Isaac Zilberman, I was told: “You are going to see a person whom it is impossible to stand next to without trembling.” I did not experience anything like that.

A Kabbalist never reveals himself in anyway. On the contrary, he deliberately behaves simply. Even when there is a kind of “gilding” that appears about him, he immediately tries to dismiss it because it greatly hinders spiritual work. Nothing supernatural comes from him to make others tremble in his presence.

We see this in the writings of Kabbalists. For example, the students of Baal Shem Tov went to the people and they did not stand out from the masses. It was then that fables were created about them, but basically they behaved as  very simple people.

Even though they sensed the upper world, the system of control of all nature, they nonetheless behaved like ordinary people. This was not difficult for them to do because the higher a person is, the simpler he behaves.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 10/9/17

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Bill Gates And Mosquitoes

Laitman_701Question: Microsoft founder Bill Gates invested over four million dollars into a project to create genetically modified mosquitoes that will kill their own kind. This is how he intends to kill all mosquitoes that spread malaria. Is this a correct approach? After all, we are violating the balance of nature.

Answer: Of course, there can be irreversible consequences here. This is a very serious problem because we are interfering with the internal system of nature.

Where does this lead? Like everything else—to the recognition of evil: we need to change ourselves and then everything in nature will change.

If we stop stinging each other, the mosquitoes will stop stinging us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/26/18

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Can A Student Be Higher Than His Teacher?

laitman_544Question: Is the appearance of a teacher in a person’s life an explicit manifestation of the Creator, which makes it clear to the student that he is ready for correction?

Answer: Yes, this is a message from the Creator to a person, and then everything depends on the person himself.

Question: Can a student be higher than his teacher in a spiritual aspect?

Answer: Certainly! Would a good teacher envy his student who has outgrown him? He will just be proud of him.

Question: Is this possible? Has it ever happened before?

Answer: Of course!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

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What Is Perfect Work For The Creator?

laitman_253What is required of a person in order to enter the spiritual world? One must completely separate from himself and submit to the Creator with all his heart and soul according to all the necessary conditions. One needs to arrange the rest of one’s life correctly. It would be good to write what exactly I believe I need to arrange in my corporeal and spiritual life. Each time I should add new conditions, reduce, organize, and perhaps even remove some parts.

Therefore, I will gradually create a certain image of a spiritual stage for myself. It is not so important whether it is the first stage, the second, or the third; the conditions for them change, but the principle remains. It is based on the fact that we have two properties: above reason, and next to it, within reason

One cannot exist without the other. It is necessary to be in both states: feeling anxiety, fears, terror, that is, all that relates to the desire to enjoy; and at the same time, one must be in the power of bestowal, faith above reason, in adhesion with the Creator as much as possible.

Also, although faith and adhesion with the Creator annul our egoistic desire and all fears, this must be felt in a person simultaneously, in parallel. One should not be afraid of such a “split personality.” One just needs to be able to use these two forces, two parameters, together, both the first and the second, so as not to be thrown either to the right line or to the left.

Maybe I prefer to move mainly in the right line above the left, and then I awaken the left one with respect to the right. But both these lines exist in me and I understand that I am standing on two legs. Only in this way will my level be stable.

Precisely because I can control both lines, it will be a complete transition, called: “working for the Creator in joy.” Joy comes from the fact that I include two opposite lines and I can build a middle line from them by which I build my soul. From the left side I take the desire, and from the right, the power of correction, the screen, the reflected Light, the clothing onto the direct Light, and in this way, I build my spiritual vessel, the Kli.

Therefore there is no need to erase any phenomenon; one just needs to know how to properly treat the properties of the right and left lines. Everything should be in a person, but one should not be thrown like a small child from irrepressible joy into sobbing. Internal stability is necessary.

The society must help a person become stable, and with the help of the environment, it can be done very quickly. The environment can dampen our irrepressible joy and euphoria, as well as our fears and anxieties if we suddenly enter into such negative vibrations.

The group is able to do this because it has the mass, the strength, and it can help a person in both situations. If the group is on the spiritual path, then each person brings in his right and left lines, which are imbalanced, and balances them with the help of the group. He adds the strength of the right and left lines to the group, and it balances everything in the middle line by means of common connection.

Then, in the center of the group, the middle line, the pillar of prayer begins to grow like a tree. This is the correct work concerning the Creator, who is revealed exactly in this middle line.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/18, Lesson on the Topic: “From the Bottom of the Ladder to the Permanent Dvekut
1 Minute 5:30

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New Life #64 – Money And The Social Network

New Life #64 – Money And The Social Network
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Development requires society to take responsibility for the financial needs of its citizens through mutual cooperation. People will not revolt if their essential needs are provided for. Connecting people creates harmony and new forces are revealed.
From KabTV’s “New Life #64 – Money And The Social Network,“ 9/2/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/20/18

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Lesson on the Topic “The Work Within Reason And The Work Above Reason”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 2, Part 7, Item 40

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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