Attaining The Elusive Perfection Of The Creator

laitman_260The fourth stage of desire Behina Dalet, which is the created being, is the farthest from the Creator in its qualities, but at the same time, the closest to Him in its ability to attain Him. The other stages are impossible to rate in terms of attainment, because they contain no reflected Light. It appears only if Behina Dalet works with them.

Let’s say that my egoism and I are impressed by a certain melody, painting, or story. These works themselves have no feelings. However, by integrating them with my egoism, I give them a feeling, and attain the Creator through them. They themselves don’t have it, and that is the meaning of the “first nine Sefirot.” The first nine Sefirot are the qualities that, combined with my ego, help me discover the Creator’s qualities, which He shows toward me, my perception.

The difficulty in perceiving the Creator is that He acts “in circles” (without any restrictions), while the created being has to answer Him “in a straight line,” meaning with a screen that restricts egoism. But when we rise from one degree to the next by faith above reason, it is a continuous, “analog,” and integral ascent. As we reach the next level, we are able to discern it as discrete, as a particular degree.

We still do reveal something from the circles, from the Creator’s perfection, by making an ascent with faith above reason. Faith above reason lets us get as close as possible from the straight line of the created being to the round perfection of the Creator.

The force of unity comes to us from the endless Light. Therefore, if we reach even the smallest measure of the quality of bestowal with the help of the Light, the force of the round perfection, where everyone is equal, we thus form the desires that are close to the circle, to the Creator. However, they are formed in us through our straight line.

We gradually attain the circle through the straight line, but there is always some elusive additive we lack. As when we try to calculate the infinitive, the area is broken down into a multitude of rectangles approaching a curve, but the elusive remainder always remains.*

A person receives the desire from above, but he builds the intention through his own efforts. The intention contains a part of the connected vessels he received from the friends, because the Klipa is always in his way, annoying him, he reveals the additional intention, like a child that huffs and puffs trying to achieve something, and that is how he learns. It is through our efforts that we build an addition to our desire, which is called an intention.**
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/18, Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 2, Chapter 2, Item 6
* (Minute 45:19)
** (Minute 51:15)

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