A Kabbalist Is A Regular Person

laitman_961Question: Do Kabbalists ever have nervous breakdowns or emotional overload? How do they cope with them?

Answer: Frankly, a Kabbalist is a regular person who divides his existence into two parts: the animate and the spiritual.

In the animate part of him, a Kabbalist has to do whatever is necessary for his body. Give it food, sex, family, knowledge, power, envy, jealousy—meaning, everything the body needs to function normally in order to advance into the upper world.

A Kabbalist must not only satisfy his animate desires (food, sex, and family), but also must study other sciences and take care of himself financially so he does not become a burden on society. In everyday life, he is the most ordinary person that can be. Kabbalists are not simple individuals.

The only thing you can tell by looking at them is that their whole lives are devoted only to carrying out their spiritual obligations.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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