My Thoughts On Twitter 8/16/18

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Since Jews are comprised of 70 tribes of Babylon as a minimodel of the world, its nations pressure Jews to unite so that the world nations can also unite. Israel’s vitality was in unity and it fell due to hatred. Israel’s condition projects the condition of the nations of the world

The principle “Love others as yourself” isn’t a fantasy, but nature’s rule for us to reach a higher rung of existence, where the governing forces, our thoughts, desires, eternal motion, and perfection are born. It’s the level of the Creator—the upper force, the goal of our evolution.

Jews aren’t a nation, but a group assembled by Abraham from 70 tribes of Babylon. “Jew” (Ivri) is the transition from egoism to altruism. Isra-el means “aspiring to the Creator.” Israel is a small model of the world, destined to be an example of spiritual ascent to other nations.

We have to constantly prove the legitimacy of our existence to the entire world. Kabbalah says that Israel can exist only to indicate to the world the purpose of its existence—to unlock the upper world through our total unity, to unlock the heavens in our existence! #Israel

The world will end Israel by removing it from all organizations, a collective boycott. Trump carries a new trade and finance ideology. The world will resist and make the Jews take the blame. But it’s in our hands to convey the message of Kabbalah about unity to ourselves and the world.
From Twitter, 8/16/18

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