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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

By connecting the beginning of creation, its current state and its end, a person starts feeling grateful to the Creator, outside any personal calculations. By opening the heart to the friends and letting them in, I acquire the spiritual world. The group is my actual soul.

If I correct myself, parts of the world will converge and become a single whole. By taking responsibility for the world, I unite the broken parts of my soul. The world is a part of my Kli, the souls that I must connect. This is how my flaws requiring correction are revealed.

The the world’s condition is entirely up to me. I alone can bring it to total correction. After all, the “world” is what appears to me in my desire, either in a corrupted or a corrected one, to a greater or lesser extent. This means everything depends on me!

Any darkness must be taken as the reverse side of the light, as its starting point. Wishing for greater unity, guarantee, bestowal above the ego, seeking to see the Creator’s good in everything, we transform darkness into the light, bitterness into sweetness; we hasten the dawn.

Darkness and the lack of guarantee in the group are the light and the vessel of the next state. The Creator “flirts” so that we strive after Him. Any descent is an invitation to rise. Darkness demands that we strengthen the guarantee in order to become one with the Creator.

Merging with the Creator in darkness is transforming His reverse side into His face. If I cannot treat evil as goodness, if I cannot turn any condition into adhesion with the Creator, then I am not receiving the power of a guarantee from the group.

Darkness is a breaking, incapacity to perceive the light- force of bestowal. In the darkness of #selfishness we find the Creator’s “underside,” the opportunity for correction. And we rejoice at this, for He showed us what’s missing. Now from darkness we can come to adhesion with Him.

There is nothing accidental in the world. Everything is intended only for the disclosure of the Creator, the Good Who Does Good. If we prepare in advance, we will accept anything negative correctly, finding Him in the darkness, in the opposite states.

Spiritual work’s built on a request/gratitude to the Creator—He’s open to both. One chooses what will give him maximum equivalence = bestowal to the Creator, thru maximum effort against the self and through the group. We ask to unite our intentions. Becoming one, we’ll merge with the Creator

Every single day we cause numerous problems by our barbaric use of oil and trees, by poisoning the earth with #chemical #waste. But the biggest blow to nature we cause is by acting selfishly in our relations. Since this level is the highest, it causes a common crisis. #environment

#Kabbalah offers every person the opportunity to move through space at infinite speed and zero time—notwithstanding #Einstein!
#Wisdom #ThursdayThoughts #quotes #Time #life

Kabbalah explains tragedies by the lack of connection between us, the lack of balance between parts of nature. The world has turned into a ball girded with multiple threads that we are progressively destroying. In the integral world, breaking connections causes an integral crisis!

A person who wishes to advance in spirituality must remove his ego-desire.
He realizes that he can’t go against his ego-nature.
But since the Creator gave him the ego-nature, He will replace it as well, if the person asks for it from the bottom of his heart.

To lift a person from spiritual ascent, the Creator drops him down with thoughts of him instead of HIM. One thinks that he fell alone, spiritual growth isn’t for him and he’s worse than everyone. But precisely from this state, if he asks the Creator, He helps and brings him to Him.

Loss of energy and sensation of emptiness (after a congress) come from above—for us to find out: What does the Creator want from me? Why did He take away all my strength and desires?
It’s so I’ll depend only on Him and receive desires/strength to move to the goal only from Him!

After ascent (at a congress), we fall!
Yet it’s not descent, but opportunity to reevaluate the goal anew:
what do I want from the Creator and what does He want from me?
Whereas in ascent there is no care for spirituality—since I feel great and would stay this way my whole life.

According to Baal HaSulam, “Peace In The World”: Peace in a given society depends on world peace, for we’ve reached a stage where the whole world is a single society. So everyone has to care for the wellbeing of the entire world and serve it, in order to ensure his own existence.
From Twitter, 8/2/18

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World Breastfeeding Week

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/1/18

Breast Milk: Humanity’s Greatest Natural Asset

As we head into World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7, 2018), the US has just made breastfeeding in public legal in all 50 states. Hopefully, the new legislation will raise the importance of breastfeeding in general.

At this point you may be asking yourself, what does the wisdom of Kabbalah have to do with encouraging women to breastfeed?

The wisdom of Kabbalah deals a lot with the concept of ‘suckling’, but not in its physiological aspect, rather in the context of its spiritual roots – the spiritual forces that create the phenomenon of breastfeeding in our physical world.

From the spiritual system we can learn that the mother’s natural nourishment contains unique forces, vital not only to the physical body of the newborn, but also for his or her spiritual development. However, the scientific tools we have today are incapable of detecting all of the subtle and delicate components found in breast milk.

Beyond the many benefits of mother’s milk that medicine indicates, such as antibodies that protect the newborn’s body against diseases, mental development, and more, there is also an emotional nourishment that flows between the mother and baby. The newly arrived baby needs continuous contact with his mother, in as much as it can be similar to how it was in the womb.

Breastfeeding connects the mother and infant to a single system, in which the mother’s blood turns into milk, and becomes blood once again within the baby’s body. This is why breast milk is so important, since it’s almost identical to being fed through the umbilical cord in the mother’s womb.

The great Kabbalist, the Ari, wrote about the spiritual roots of this in his book Tree of Life (Etz Chaim): “After the birth of the newborn, the upper blood returns to be milk… blood is turned into milk within the full belly, and from that juice, butter is made to feed the baby.”

The milk carries with it the mother’s physicality and her smell, but also her attitude and her inner world, her life wisdom and other factors that cannot be measured scientifically. It is an open communication channel for twenty-four months, through which much information flows, raising the baby according to the countless changes that shape his world emotionally, physiologically and mentally.

At the age when the baby begins to walk and still breastfeeds, as several layers of connection are formed. On the one hand, the baby can “escape” its mother and begin to build his independence away from her. On the other hand, the emotional need and the constant connection between them connects them for life.

The mother also enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding not only in the physical sense, but as it is written, “Hear the sons of your father’s morality, and not abandon your mother’s Torah” (Proverbs 1: 8). From his mother, the baby receives what is referred to as “Torah” – the inner lights that develop his inner qualities, preparing him for future spiritual development. Over the course of his life, he will seek that deep connection, only at a higher level – to be born as a spiritual person and suckle from his higher root.

For more about this subject please see my article about why stay-at-home mothers should benefit first from basic income >>>>>>

Kabbalah Congress In Italy

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/1/18

Earlier this week, I came back from a successful international Kabbalah convention in Rome. Three days of exhilarating connection that filled me and hundreds of my students. However, before the flight back, we saw another reality.

The restaurants were empty of diners, the shops empty of buyers. The boot-shaped country is limping. The capital of Italy, known for its glamorous culture of food and fashion, is losing its glamour. The demographic balance has also changed, my local students have told me. Couples consider marriage only from the age of thirty-five and up, if at all. And they are not worried about having children, because according to them, it can happen until they are fifty.

Checking the Italian pulse reinforces a global diagnosis: human culture is both dying and being reborn at the same time. What used to be shiny is no longer apparent to the human ego. People are becoming indifferent as emptiness grows inside of them. It lands like a cloud, covering the horizon, and causing everyone to walk in the fog.

Were The Prophets Kabbalists?

laitman_741.02Question: Can it be said that the prophets were Kabbalists? And if yes, then why did almost all of the prophets complain?

Answer: Prophecy is one of the levels of attainment of the Creator. The book of Ramchal, a great Kabbalist of the 17th century, called The Path of the Creator, describes spiritual levels of attainment, one of which is called “the level of prophecy.”

It is one of the levels Kabbalists attain, and you too can achieve this state. A person on this level is already above the limitations of time, space, and movement, and that is why he is called a prophet. In other words, he sees what will be ahead and what was left behind, he sees this outside of time and even outside of actions.

Question: Then why did the prophets complain?

Answer: It is because they felt regret for what was happening to humanity, how people did not understand that they were only harming themselves. It is very sad to look upon this, like looking at a young child, you understand that he brings unhappiness onto himself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

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The Study Of Kabbalah—Without Limitations

laitman_269Question: Who is the study of Kabbalah meant for?

Answer: For everyone without exception because all who are born on this earth can attain their eternal state and remain in it by taking advantage of the opportunity given to them in this material life.

Question: What need can there possibly be for the majority of people to study this exalted wisdom?

Answer: The need is to understand the meaning of life and to attain it, rising to the next level of existence even before death in this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

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New Life 1019 – Personal Capability In A Connected World

New Life 1019 – Personal Capability In A Connected World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

If you try to connect to others and fail, you need to examine the reason: what does nature want from you? Every person can adapt themselves to trends in the development of nature and learning to connect with people correctly. In the future, it will be necessary to feel connected to the entirety of humanity just as a small village was connected in the past. We will require a special education in order to learn how to communicate with all of society, nature, and reality as a whole.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1019 – Personal Capability In A Connected World,” 6/5/18

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