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A person who wishes to advance in spirituality must remove his ego-desire.
He realizes that he can’t go against his ego-nature.
But since the Creator gave him the ego-nature, He will replace it as well, if the person asks for it from the bottom of his heart.

To lift a person from spiritual ascent, the Creator drops him down with thoughts of him instead of HIM. One thinks that he fell alone, spiritual growth isn’t for him and he’s worse than everyone. But precisely from this state, if he asks the Creator, He helps and brings him to Him.

Loss of energy and sensation of emptiness (after a congress) come from above—for us to find out: what does the Creator want from me? Why did He take away all my strength and desires?
It’s so I’ll depend only on Him and receive desires/strength to move to the goal only from Him!

After ascent (at a congress), we fall!
Yet it’s not descent, but the opportunity to reevaluate the goal anew:
What do I want from the Creator and what does He want from me?
Whereas in ascent there is no care for spirituality—since I feel great and would stay this way my whole life.

According to Baal HaSulam, “Peace In The World”: Peace in a given society depends on world peace, for we’ve reached a stage where the whole world is a single society. So everyone has to care for the wellbeing of the entire world and serve it, in order to ensure his own existence.
From Twitter, 8/1/18

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