I Want Truth, Not Games

laitman_241.01Question from Facebook: You always talk about playing a game. I hate this word. I want truth in a relationship, not games. What should I do?

Answer: Fate plays with a person. We should understand that we must play in order to draw the upper force that will change and correct us.

The game is not just playing, but checking one’s present state and orienting toward the future at every moment. Since the future is unknown and the present, in general, is not particularly evident, we are always in a fog, in a confused state: How should we proceed?

The correct behavior of a person in relation to the future is called “play” because we ourselves do not determine our future, just our attitude toward it.

Setting ourselves up for the correct attitude toward a good future will bring us good in the present. This is how we will advance.

It is very serious work, but since our next state is unclear to us, our movement toward each other, our attitude to the world, to life, even to the Creator, is like acting on a stage, when we are acting out our best future state, imagining what it can be. When we aspire to it, then accordingly, we receive it from above.

In principle, it is based only on the fact that the future is unknown, and I can determine it and its relationship to me, my inclusion in it, with the help of actions called “playing.”

Question: Is depression also a game?

Answer: Depression is also a game because we build a picture of the future as completely dark, foggy, unknown, and frightening in front of us.

In principle, Kabbalah discusses only about how we can achieve a real, true, and correct future. We need to create it. When I create this future, I build it from blocks. This is the game.

I am playing all the time, building it. If we correctly understand how to play and create our future from the blocks, it should be to connect these building blocks, what we should imagine. What’s most important is the relationship between us in a world that we can make beautiful. We cannot create it. So, we must learn to play.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 6/5/18

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