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By connecting the beginning of creation, its current state and its end, a person starts feeling grateful to the Creator, outside any personal calculations. By opening the heart to the friends and letting them in, I acquire the spiritual world. The group is my actual soul.

If I correct myself, parts of the world will converge and become a single whole. By taking responsibility for the world, I unite the broken parts of my soul. The world is a part of my Kli, the souls that I must connect. This is how my flaws requiring correction are revealed.

The the world’s condition is entirely up to me. I alone can bring it to total correction. After all, the “world” is what appears to me in my desire, either in a corrupted or a corrected one, to a greater or lesser extent. This means everything depends on me!

Any darkness must be taken as the reverse side of the light, as its starting point. Wishing for greater unity, guarantee, bestowal above the ego, seeking to see the Creator’s good in everything, we transform darkness into the light, bitterness into sweetness; we hasten the dawn.

Darkness and the lack of guarantee in the group are the light and the vessel of the next state. The Creator “flirts” so that we strive after Him. Any descent is an invitation to rise. Darkness demands that we strengthen the guarantee in order to become one with the Creator.

Merging with the Creator in darkness is transforming His reverse side into His face. If I cannot treat evil as goodness, if I cannot turn any condition into adhesion with the Creator, then I am not receiving the power of a guarantee from the group.

Darkness is a breaking, incapacity to perceive the light- force of bestowal. In the darkness of #selfishness we find the Creator’s “underside,” the opportunity for correction. And we rejoice at this, for He showed us what’s missing. Now from darkness we can come to adhesion with Him.

There is nothing accidental in the world. Everything is intended only for the disclosure of the Creator, the Good Who Does Good. If we prepare in advance, we will accept anything negative correctly, finding Him in the darkness, in the opposite states.

Spiritual work’s built on a request/gratitude to the Creator—He’s open to both. One chooses what will give him maximum equivalence = bestowal to the Creator, thru maximum effort against the self and through the group. We ask to unite our intentions. Becoming one, we’ll merge with the Creator

Every single day we cause numerous problems by our barbaric use of oil and trees, by poisoning the earth with #chemical #waste. But the biggest blow to nature we cause is by acting selfishly in our relations. Since this level is the highest, it causes a common crisis. #environment

#Kabbalah offers every person the opportunity to move through space at infinite speed and zero time—notwithstanding #Einstein!
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Kabbalah explains tragedies by the lack of connection between us, the lack of balance between parts of nature. The world has turned into a ball girded with multiple threads that we are progressively destroying. In the integral world, breaking connections causes an integral crisis!

A person who wishes to advance in spirituality must remove his ego-desire.
He realizes that he can’t go against his ego-nature.
But since the Creator gave him the ego-nature, He will replace it as well, if the person asks for it from the bottom of his heart.

To lift a person from spiritual ascent, the Creator drops him down with thoughts of him instead of HIM. One thinks that he fell alone, spiritual growth isn’t for him and he’s worse than everyone. But precisely from this state, if he asks the Creator, He helps and brings him to Him.

Loss of energy and sensation of emptiness (after a congress) come from above—for us to find out: What does the Creator want from me? Why did He take away all my strength and desires?
It’s so I’ll depend only on Him and receive desires/strength to move to the goal only from Him!

After ascent (at a congress), we fall!
Yet it’s not descent, but opportunity to reevaluate the goal anew:
what do I want from the Creator and what does He want from me?
Whereas in ascent there is no care for spirituality—since I feel great and would stay this way my whole life.

According to Baal HaSulam, “Peace In The World”: Peace in a given society depends on world peace, for we’ve reached a stage where the whole world is a single society. So everyone has to care for the wellbeing of the entire world and serve it, in order to ensure his own existence.
From Twitter, 8/2/18

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